OPPEIN OPPEIN Micro Film — Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again

This time, OPPEIN focus on the family emotional topic with the unique social visual, through micro movie “Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again”, the “home, love” will be positive energy to pass on more people.

As the leading furniture brand, OPPEIN has been committed to create the happy family life for consumers, and truly happy home derives from the mutual love between family members. As the leading furniture, OPPEIN has been actively looking for innovative ways to interact with consumers. Micro movie is a kind of cultural art (art decoration effect diagram) with their interaction, which is opening OPPEIN brand annual dominated activity “love will go with home”.


Liu ShunPing who is OPPEIN marketing general manager, he agrees “Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again” that is a non-profit movie, which calls for people return to life, focus on the family, and realize the dream. It is different from pure entertainment and commercial films, OPPEIN sponsored this movie is to awaken people to pay more attention to the family, deliver social and family harmony, which has public welfare and social value. At the same time, it also fits into the theme what proposed “Chinese dream” by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the country is composed of countless families, only every family is happy and harmonious that realizes Chinese dream in the real sense.

“Seven Years Itch Fall in Love Again” tells about the emotional experience of urban couples for 10 years, uses “the seven year itch” as a breakthrough point to analyze the emotional state about love, couples, marriage and family life for people. This movie hired to many famous people to join, which is directed by Zhang Quanxin (Contemporary Chinese director and Veteran filmmaker), and performed by Aya (the queen of Taiwan variety show), Andrew Lien (Charming man). In addition, OPPEIN invited Huang Yongming (Hong Kong Academy Award for best editing), Lin Binghua (photographer), Song Ce (“Asian nude make-up Godfather”), and the lead singer Kankan (“Beijing Love Story”). It spent millions in creating “small screen and big movie” with a strong team of movie level.


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