Oppein Home Wins 6 MUSE Design Awards in 2024

Oppein Home has won 6 prestigious awards for its innovative product designs at 2024 Muse Design Awards. This exceptional recognition highlights Oppein's commitment to excellence and innovation in the global home furnishing market.

The Muse Design Awards, known for celebrating creative and design excellence across various industries, recognized Oppein's products for their outstanding aesthetic appeal, functionality, and cutting-edge design.

Gold Winner - Starry Shelf


MUSE Design Awards | Storage & Display Starry Shelf

This shelf design expresses the blending magic of natural and high-tech senses. The ultra-thin stone slab features a distinctive natural aesthetic, while the aluminum profile with sensor lighting provides a touch of intelligence.  Sustainability and health are also key considerations in this product's design. The shelf can be easily recycled to minimize environmental impact. Further, the aluminum profile has been coated with silver ions to provide excellent antibacterial properties that reduce infection risk.

Silver Winner – Mamma Home


MUSE Design Awards | Furnishings (NEW) Mamma Home

What we could never miss was Mamma's cozy warm hug. The Oppein sofa chair is designed to bring treasured feelings to daily life with unmatched comfort and softness. In this product, the wood frame is outlined with U-shaped styling, derived from the brand logo. Featuring a simple and smooth design, the sofa chair highlights the brand's features while complementing various types of home decor, creating a touch of fashion in the home. Solid wooden structures contrast with plump cushions, enhancing visual hierarchy.

Silver Winner – Carlos


MUSE Design Awards | Bathroom Fittings / Appliances Carlos

With its minimalism and luxurious aesthetics, Carlos, the shower closure, will surely enhance the bathroom style. Minimalistic silhouettes and exquisite champagne gold with diamond-inspired textures work together to provide a pleasant and comfortable bathing experience. It has also been designed to be extremely practical, with hinges resembling a watch clasp, enhancing load-bearing capacity and providing safety for the user.

Silver Winner – Luminary

oppein-muse-awards-silver-winner-luminary-shower closure.webp

MUSE Design Awards | Bathroom Fittings / Appliances Luminary

This shower closure captures the dynamic aesthetic of water waves to create an eye-catching curve shape. Also, the wave-inspired design is echoed in the hardware and accessories. From a functional standpoint, the glass door hinge incorporates a lifting mechanism that allows barrier-free access. Once the hinge is lowered, the glass door automatically closes to create an airtight space and prevent water overflow.

Silver Winner – Geometry


MUSE Design Awards | Other Furniture Design geometry

The "Geometry" series bathroom vanity stands out for its bold and innovative use of shapes and materials, pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture design to create pieces that are not only functional but also serve as artistic statements within any living space.

Silver Winner – Jiyue


MUSE Design Awards | Other Furniture Design Jiyue

"Jiyue" is derived from a Chinese poem that refers to the clear and bright moon after rain. Named after it, this bathroom furniture collection blends traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern furniture art. Also, inspired by Eastern culture's philosophy of squares and circles, Jiyue skillfully fuses the two geometric elements to create an aesthetic harmony between curves and straight lines.

Oppein is expanding its global footprint with the opening of new showrooms and distribution channels across worldwide countries. As a leader in the home furnishing industry, the firm is committed to sustainable practices and is responsive to market trends.

"This recognition from the Muse Design Awards reflects our team's commitment to pushing the limits of design and innovation," stated the Oppein designer officer. "Our goal is to lead the way in creating products that meet our customers' needs but also make their living spaces more beautiful and functional."

The Muse Design Awards will spur Oppein on to further innovations, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the home furnishings industry. If you would like to learn more about Oppein's latest products and current projects, please visit our product pages.


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