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OPPEIN Modern Kitchen Cabinet Prevails in Canada

15 May 2014

The recent years witness a new trend in Canada that an ever-increasing number of people have a preference on modern kitchen cabinet.

A glimpse of OPPEIN modern kitchen cabinets

OPPEIN Modern Kitchen Cabinet Prevails in Canada

According to the market report from OPPEIN, in the past years, solid wooden cabinets are the hot-sale product in Canada. However, there arises a new trend that more and more families tend to choose modern kitchen cabinet. The statistics reveal the high growth in order bookings: last year, the orders of the modern cabinets we received reach 10 million.

Why is there such a trend? OPPEIN is committed to perfect its design on modern kitchen cabinets. It is featured by these factors: firstly, simple and fashionable. It is easy for you to organize your kitchen space. Secondly, the fantastic match of the colors shows your unique taste on decoration art. Moreover, what many housewives are concerned is that our modern kitchen cabinet is easier for you to do cleaning, because it is waterproof, green and environment friendly.

OPPEIN Modern Kitchen Cabinet Prevails in Canada

This is our project example in Canada. After the installation, our customer shares this picture with us with great satisfaction. He can’t wait to express his thanks and appreciation to us, and we are glad to hear that.

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