OPPEIN Malaysia Kuching Showroom Promotion.

Innovation makes progress. In 22nd,Sep, OPPEIN Kuching showroom is going to finish display sample renovation. All the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, interior doors and bathroom cabinet have taken on an entirely newlook.


Before promotion, Kuching showroom invites local architects, builders and realtors to attend the banquet at the night of 23rd, Sep. During 24th to 25th, Sep, a series of promotion activities will be launched. Welcome to visit our renovated showroom, more surprises are waiting for you.


Now are you curious about the SURPRISE?

1. 10% deposit to get previous display samples at fire sale prices

2. 2000RMB deposit to get partly custom kitchen cabinet by a favourable price

3. 5000RMB deposit to get high-end full house design solution package

4. Exquisite gifts ready for all attendance


Just go to the site of activity to find out more surprise!

Sneak Previews for the new display samples



* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!