OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinets in the 116th Canton Fair (Luxury)

The Canton Fair 2014 (116th China Import and Export Fair) is around the cornor. As the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia, OPPEIN cannot wait to share you with its latest three sets of new kitchen cabinets.


Booth Number:  October 15-19, Phase I: A21-22, Hall 11.2, Area B

                       October 23-27, Phase II: J11-12, Hall 11.2, Area B

We all know that cabinets make a big style statement in kitchens, and below are design ideas from OPPEIN, and we’ll tell you how to configure your cabinets to make your kitchen a comfortable and efficient workspace for you and your family.

(Product Code: OP14-057)


Product Code: OP14-057

This is a stylish acrylic and flat laminate kitchen cabinet, which is strictly in accordance with E1 environmental protection standard.

The contemporary design fragrance emitted from this streamlined kitchen cabinet is striking. When you want to have a party after work, it is a perfect sociable space where your friends can gather and entertain. When you want to have a candlelight dinner, it’s a secret place to drink red wine and whisper with your beloved. When you are alone, it’s a peaceful place to cook a delicate cuisine and slow down the pace of your life.

This is basically a symmetrical single-wall kitchen cabinet, but the base cabinet below the sink plays a small “joke” with us, and bring out an asymmetry effect, having fully expressed a kind of decent but unlimited attitude. But essentially, this design is not just an aesthetic feature; actually it’s another functional design, interested in it? check out the pictures below:


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!