OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinet Exhibit at International Builders Show


OPPEIN Kitchen Cabinet Exhibit at International Builders Show. This is the 5th time we attend International Builders Show.

With the professional installation help from our customer, we have installed a prefect custom kitchen sample on our booth. Each and every detail shows our pursuance of perfection and quality for our customers. See the photo below.


In a word, the show is busy and good. Many visitors are attracted by our unique European design style kitchen. In this kitchen, there are all kinds of accessories shown, such as base cabinet basket, built-in drawers, cornet pots and pans turn table, cutlery divider, plate holders, and so on. Many visitors just can’t help themselves bubbling this idea they can take this kitchen to their showrooms right now.

Oppein mainly focus on custom kitchen, but we are also trying to make kitchen cabinets in stock according to American market requirements.


Our client from New York brings his congratulations to Oppein. We appreciated a lot. (Our client in the middle, Oppein general manager on right, product consults on left)


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!