OPPEIN kitchen – a member of Mexico families!


Last month, Oppein just finished the Alondras project in San Pedro, Monterrey, Mexico! We’re glad that Oppein kitchens have become a member of some Mexico families!

Actually, the contractor-Mr. Alex has brought local brand cabinets into the sample house initially, but he tried to find some good quality suppliers from China since his team was not satisfied with the local sample, and when he firstly saw Oppein kitchens in the website, he deeply attracted by the simple, modern, pretty kitchens, and drop Oppein an inquiry.


After comprehensively comparison (including price, design, production capacity, delivery time), he placed the order very soon. And when he paid Oppein headquarter in Guangzhou, he was shocked by Oppein professionalism, and placed showroom samples immediately!

Now the kitchens are sleeping in the Alondras buildings, the client said that the” Kitchen looks great”! As the pictures show, the finish, the accessories and so on appear excellent and practical.


This is only the beginning of our cooperation, and we’re both sure there will be a lot in the future!


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!