OPPEIN Commercial Projects in Australia

Since the first B2B project was completed in 2000, we have cooperated with more than 80 local developers, builders, and architects in Australia. To best serve local clients, we have set up a dedicated team at headquarters that supports commercial projects in Australia. The team is comprised of experts and has completed 225 projects in the Australian market. Debbie Lin, the team leader, has thirteen years of experience and has completed 112 commercial projects for Australian clients. "We are very confident in the quality of both our products and our service," Lin stated. "That's how we stand out on the market and have achieved so much success."

From 2019 to 2022, the team completed 39 business projects in the Australia market. The following are three projects that I would like to share with you. Read on and see how Oppein accomplished these large-scale projects perfectly.

Australia 108


Australia 108 is the tallest building in Melbourne and the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Located in Melbourne's Southbank, Australia 108 is a landmark tower with a height of 319 metres, containing over 1,100 apartments on a surface area of 100 floors. Designed to accommodate vibrant vertical communities, Australia 108 will present one of the most luxurious lifestyles in Australia and offer the largest recreational facility on the continent.


"We were thrilled when the Australia 108 project team contacted us. All of my team members understood the importance of this project and how much effort should be poured into it." Said Lin.

A major reason for them to choose Oppein was our ability to customise. Our team fully understood the client's concerns and presented them with Oppein's flexible production systems that could provide customised products for bulk orders. In total, 1,100 cabinets were supplied for this large-scale project, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, vanities, and laundry cabinets. These beautiful customised modern-style furnishings infuse the luxurious building with elegant interiors, emphasizing the nobleness of this residential tower.


By completing this project, the fame of Oppein became known to more and more local builders. We are convinced that cooperation is a synonym for double win, and there are sure to be many more success stories associated with Oppein products.

Swanston Central


Swanston Central, located in Melbourne, Australia, stands out among the city's skylines. The Swanston Central building provides excellent access to Melbourne's public transport network, the CBD, Carlton restaurants, cafes, education, and medical facilities, as well as the commercial and retail districts. There are approximately 1,039 apartments built on 72 levels with stunning views to all points of the compass. The total area of the towers will exceed 2,000 square meters.


This was the second project we did with the builder. Based on our previous successes, they completely trusted us throughout this project. Sure enough, we would never disappoint our clients. Our Australian team communicated effectively with the project manager to confirm the final solution in a week and start production immediately. Having been supplied with 1048 cabinets, the building was finally completed with premium interiors imported from China.


Efficiency is critical, especially for large-scale projects. Thus, the primary purpose of our dedicated team is to make cooperation much smoother, providing 100% professional service to our clients. And we have received numerous thank-you notes for their professionalism in the past few years.



Blue Apartments for Sale- CBRE Residential Projects -New South Wales - Milsons Point NSW 2061

In Blue at Lavender Bay, you will experience harbourfront living at its finest. Blue, designed by award-winning PTW Architects, offers expansive open-plan layouts with breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour or district views across the Northern skyline. At Blue, there are 125 exquisitely furnished 1, 2, and 3-bedroom residences with grand scale and size. It is designed to create a sense of warmth, light, and serenity throughout the building. As Lavender Bay was voted the second most liveable suburb in Sydney in 2019, this luxurious building would become one of the hottest residences in the country.



It was the first time that the client imported from China. The company compared several cabinetry and joinery suppliers in China, and eventually, they chose Oppein for quality and experience. "There were companies with poor quality control and companies with disappointing customer service," remarked the project leader. "We selected Oppein because you are the best in China. And we made this decision based on your previous successful projects and production capabilities."



Oppein is the No.1 customized cabinetry and joinery brand in China. Therefore, when overseas clients think of importing from China, they go straight to Oppein. We have over 25 years of experience in global business, and our professional team will always provide clients from every region with best-in-class service.

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