OPPEIN Cebu Showroom Opened Grandly in Philippines in April

On 8th April, Oppein Cebu showroom opened grandly in Philippines. This is the 3rd Oppein showroom in Philippines, and also the 109th Oppein showroom in abroad.

Oppein Cebu showroom is about 200 square meters, the showcase samples included 4 sets of kitchen cabinets, 2 sets of bathroom cabinets, shower rooms and other furniture.

This opening ceremony lasted from 6pm to 9pm. About 180 customers attended this opening ceremony, they were very interested in the OPPEIN products, expecially in kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Boss and shop assistants of the showroom answered their inquiries professionally and patiently in the scene.

Meanwhile, this activity attracted some reporters of local newspapers and magazines. ↓↓↓

Asia’s top cabinet maker ( Oppein Home Group, Inc.) opens showroom in Cebu

Showroom Scene

the passionate shop assistants

the boss of  Cebu Showroom in a local interview

the customers visit kitchen cabinet in oppein Cebu showroom

Boss and shop assistants of the showroom answered customers’ inquiries professionally and patiently in the scene

It also became a social place — meeting old friends unexpectedly

At the end of the opening ceremony, the boss thoughtfully arranged a wonderful buffet and cocktail for the clients. Besides, there were some surprised gifts for the visiting customers. How excited the showroom opening ceremony it was!

In a word, congratulations to Cebu showroom’s opening and hope it achieves more success. We hope that OPPEIN products can give you a good experience and achieve your comfortable life.


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