OPPEIN Business Trip to India

OPPEIN Business Trip to India。 OPPEIN sales manager, Micky Ling, will take her business trip to India from 11th Dec. to 5thJun. She will visit NewDelhi, Mumbai, Banglaore, Hyderabad and Kerela for dealers visiting, design details communication and project business meeting.On Micky’s trip, she will firstly go to NewDelhi for ACETECH Delhi exhibition preparation within 4 days, then travel on business to other cities in India.Welcome to contact with Micky for getting more details of OPPEIN projects, products as well as the informationof ACE exhibition.

Micky Ling, Sales Dept Manager

Micky Ling, who has been working at Oppein for over 6 years, is a very efficient and professional consultant. With the character of easy going and work efficiency, she is familiar with India market and has done a lot of famous projects. Besides, she often travel to different cities of India every year,for marketing research, project business and showroom assistant.


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