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OPPEIN Business Trip to India

17 April 2019

The latter half of the year has always been the busy season of building materials industry in India. To get on-hand project negotiations and meet new clients, excellent sales representative Ms. Micky will take the trip from 15thSep. to 28th Sep.If need to meet Micky in local, but not in her visit list, please feel free to contact her and make an appointment with her.

Contact Information :
Mobile &Whatsapp: +86 13560066643
email: micky@oppein.com
OPPEIN Business Trip to India

Micky– Sales Representative

“Warm in home, love in OPPEIN and Micky!”

★ Efficient and professional consultant.

★ Done a lot of the famous projects in India.

★ Easy & comfortable to cooperation.

★ Travelling India a lot for visiting per year.

OPPEIN Projects in India

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