OPPEIN Business Travel Season 2022: Connecting the world through travel

The halfway point of 2022 has marked the beginning of OPPEIN's annual business travel season. The purpose of this event was to provide our clients and partners with a face-to-face communication method to our headquarters. With over ten years of experience organizing the business travel season, OPPEIN has established a strong relationship between our company and the people we serve. Over the past few months, OPPEIN teams have visited several regions, covering all continents.

From China to the world, we strive to provide the best experiences for our partners and clients..


OPPEIN in the UK

Our sales director Sarah visited the UK in May, and she got fruitful results from this travel.

"I do enjoy the time I spend with my clients. Business travel provides a better opportunity for direct communication. After the presentation, we can immediately talk to each other without annoying network problems." Sarah laughed.


The second goal for Sarah was to visit the site and observe how OPPEIN's collaborative local projects were progressing. By visiting the apartment in Sheffield, she saw the project in its completion. The client stated that very happy with the quality and service.

"Happy clients made my trip worthwhile. I look forward to receiving more positive feedback in the future." Said Sarah.

OPPEIN in Mideast & Africa

It was not the first time that Edison traveled through the Mideast and Africa. But this time, he has more work to do and more things to consider.

Edison has extensive experience in providing detailed presentations about OPPEIN and our project support. During his business travels in the Mideast, Edison delivered dozens of presentations for clients. "This would be a challenge for me, even with my experience, but when my clients showed curiosity after the presentation, I knew it was worth it." Said Edison.


Edison will continue to visit cities in the Mideast and Africa as part of his business travels. In the following months, he will introduce OPPEIN more enthusiastically to local clients. As he stated, Oppien is a brand that deserves to be known.

OPPEIN in the US

After spending the entire month of September in the United States, Rita has made many excellent improvements. Her travels across the country enable her to visit more ongoing project sites and communicate directly with local clients.

Rita visited the newly completed Brooklyn apartment project. There are six apartments in the entire building, each designed and furnished with beautiful contemporary furnishings from OPPEIN.   


She said after the visit to the project. "I love seeing the smile of clients. It is like a medal to honor my work on the project."

OPPEIN in Asia

We have over 7,000 showrooms around the world, and our business travel program also aims to enhance communication between our franchisees and headquarters. That is why Vincent travels through Aisa - to maintain close ties with our dearest partners.

Our partners are precious to us, and we care about their situation as much as possible. He has visited several showrooms in Southeast Asia and obtained feedback from franchisees. Vincent stated, "My job is to ensure that our partners have the best experience while partnering with us. I am working on this to achieve the best results."


He will visit more showrooms in Asia to collect feedback from our business partners. In the OPPEIN franchise business, win-win is always the priority.

OPPEIN in Kenya & America

At the end of 2022, our professionals will still be traveling to meet clients and partners. Here are three preliminary itinerary plans for Jacob, Micky, and Susan.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have further consultation on furnishing projects. We would be glad to schedule an appointment for you and meet our professionals in your area.

It would be great to receive further exciting news from around the world in the future. 


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!