OPPEIN Booth is a great hit at the Philippine World Building and Construction Ex

On March 14. WORLDBEX is the first day to open. Guangdong OPPEIN Home Group Inc who is the leading cabinetry maker showed one of the hottest kitchen cabinet products as the exhibit. Exhibit Model is Flagship OP08-L01.


Item Name : Optima Flagship II  Kitchen Cabinet (OP08-L01)

Countertop : Silestone 2004

Door panel : MDF

Door finish : white lacquer KQ008

Door style : duckbilled YMK22


OPPEIN Booth at the Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition

Flagship, the definitive fashion leader, indistinctly guides the future of this realm. Classical merger of black & white elements endows it with succinct configuration, as well as noble & elegant taste. Door panels of white and black color contain infinite illusions, stuffed with mystery and wisdom. Inheriting Optima’s exquisite door craftsmanship, left door of the tall pantry uses single-complete-door design which ensures the brilliant outlook and the strong & orderly internal structure. Proper setting and jointing with massive countertop brings excellent artistic feeling to family life.

During the period of the exhibition, Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition is free open to everyone. Many people take part in this event, such as builder, distributer and dealers and so on. Flagship OP08-L01 from OPPEIN appeared on the exhibition, it immediately catches attendees’ eyes. OPPEIN brochures and booklets are snapped up in several hours. Attendees one after another came to booth and left their name cards for further communication.

At night, organizer held the wonderful banquet that affords enough time and space for further communication between exhibitors and attendees. There is doubt that Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX) broadens the economic and cultural bridge between East Asia and Southeast Asia.


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