OPPEIN Booth is always full of customers. So great!

From 15th.Oct to 19th.Oct, 2016, it’s the phase 1 of 2016 Autumn Canton Fair. This time, there’re also many visitors coming to attend the fair.


Because the fair  includes construction industry, household electrical appliance, lighting and vehicle, so it attacted visitors from different industries.

What OPPEIN booth looks like?

Before 2016 Autumn Canton Fair, our interior designers were devoted to create a new kitchen, which not only can stand for OPPEIN, but also be adjusted to the new trend. So this is one of our 2017 new kitchen designs.



What are in OPPEIN booth?

Expect for the kitchen sample, OPPEIN also make full preparation on our offline items, such as our catalogs, variety sample panels, VR devices, and coupon.


Because of the wide-range of products, so we make different kinds of catalogs to meet the needs of our visitors, including whole house design, kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, accessory and distributor guidance.


Maybe some clients ask: what colors you can provide on your products? Yep, look at our samples here, you can find out OPPEIN can produce different colors, different patterns and different shapes.


But, these are a part of your choice. Where you can find out more? You can get the free ride to our showroom nearby . Only 10 minutes to come here.


How you feel in OPPEIN booth?

Besides the products, there’re something special for our visitors


Do you feel interesting when experiencing VR showroom, which just like you’re standing in the scene.


Do you feel amazing when getting this coupon? How to get this one? You should only pay 100 dollars to get 300 dollars. When buying kitchen or wardrobe, you can used this coupon.


Who came into OPPEIN booth?

From 10 a.m. every day, our booth is full of visitors, coming from different countries.



The gentleman, in the middle of the below photo, is one of clients in Bengal, who has high political status in local. He is satified with OPPEIN products in the last purchase. On 15th.Oct, he came to visit our booth.


The following photo tells me that young people are also interested in Canton Fair to purchase valuable products.

Moreover, some visitors are teamed up to attend the fair, coming up togerther to see our design and know our service.

Why so many visitors come in?

Firstly, it’s no doubt that our ktichen design and booth design are very attracted.

Secondly, our sales consultants are always energetic and patient to introduce the details about our products and services. It’s the most important element to keep visitors staying in our booth.

Something great I would tell you is that some visitors have brought their layouts and detailed requirements to our sales consultants.


So after discussing the general in the booth, our sales consultants are very effective to make a proposal for our visitors at that night.



What happend before you leave OPPEIN booth?

All of us are excited in the booth, because of our sales consultants hard working, some of our visitors paid the deposit, and some of our visitors and us reached a preliminary agreement.



So there’s an happy ending in OPPEIN booth during your trip. Let’s cheer.



What will go on?

Though it’s the fourth day of phase 1, yet we will go on to attend the phase 2 from 23rd.Oct to 27th.Oct. Welcome to OPPEIN booth at H 35-36 Hall 11.2.



* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!