OPPEIN Are Paying More Attention to After-sales Service

AS one of the largest manufacture center in Asia, OPPEIN has always devoted to creating more and more perfect products, and place more importance on the quality of OPPEIN products as well as the After-sales Service.

Recently, the representatives of OPPEIN pay a project revisit to a company in Saint Louis. We checked the quality of our products carefully in order to seek top quality and to achieve customer satisfaction.

Firstly, we examined the apartment elaborately.


Just as the picture showed, the kitchen installed in 2006 is still bright and fresh in color even under the heat of sun and there exist no crack in the edge, which shows that the quality of OPPEIN products can stand the test of time.

Then, we checked another project: No.2615 G.W.Loft Apartment.



Installed in 2008, the kitchen cabinet is also in good condition. Owing to the advanced product design, reasonable structure, exquisite technology, excellent production, the OPPEIN products is durable in quality.

Moreover, a glimpse of the kitchen.


During the use of several years, OPPEIN keep a close eye on the after-sales service and try our best to satisfy every customer. This project revisit also provides evidence that the quality of OPPEIN products can stand the test of both time and our customers.

All in all, to build a powerful brand, OPPEIN are paying more attention to after-sales service and quality assurance. We are willing to resolve the problem of customers’ after-sale and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. It is the customers’ trust and advice that encourage OPPEIN to make higher-quality products.


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