OPPEIN – Architecture & Urban Design Lecture in Pakistan

On September 2018, OPPEIN sponsored a communication lecture in Lahore, Pakistan. The lecture theme is about the contemporary issues in architecture & urban design in Pakistan. OPPEIN Islamabad showroom owner Zaeem invited Nayyar Ali Dada, the famous Iconic Architect and Key figure in Pakistan industry and senior architects and academicians to attend the lecture and have a deep communication and discussion.

OPPEIN-Architecture-Urban-Design-Lecture-in-Pakistan (1).jpg

In the lecture, Azeem recommended OPPEIN brand in the lecture and made a basic introduction of OPPEIN one stop solution advantage. Many lecture attendees, senior architects and builders showed interests to have further understanding and cooperation with OPPEIN.

OPPEIN-Architecture-Urban-Design-Lecture-in-Pakistan (3).jpg

OPPEIN-Architecture-Urban-Design-Lecture-in-Pakistan (4).jpg


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