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OPPEIN 2nd Generation Green Panel

18 May 2021
Our lifestyle has been changed due to the epidemic, and most people like to staying at home. So do you know the health hazards hidden at home? Formaldehyde, bacteria, and mildew usually affect our health unknowingly. And these health hazards normally come from home furniture.

Oppein 2nd generation Green panels ensure a safe living space at home.

The Green panel using formaldehyde free additive core material + formaldehyde purification and antibacterial coating has an invention patent certificate with number: [ZL2017 10835035.0]

The formaldehyde purification efficiency of Oppein Green panel is over 95.1%, which passed the inspection of National Coating Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
Successfully got the CIAA certification, which antibacterial rate is up to 99.9%
with physically inactivated, long-lasting sterilization. And it reached the highest anti-mildew grade------Grade 0. Each unit of nanotechnology contains 180 thousand negative charges, which can strongly absorb odors.

Oppein is promoting the green panel for whole house customization, and upgrade with the 2nd-generation green panel with 12 trendy color options.

Come to Oppein, and customize your green home!

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