OPPEIN 2023 Financial Brief: Leading the Way in Whole-House Customization

Oppein Home Group Inc. posted impressive financial results for 2023 in the face of dynamic global challenges, cementing its position as the world's leading brand in whole-house customization


In the past year, its sales revenue has grown by 1.35%, reaching a remarkable 3.25 billion USD, a testament to the worldwide customers' trust. Net profit attributable to shareholders rose significantly by 5.91%, totaling 392.29 million USD. Net cash flows from operating activities increased by 102.43%, indicating robust and healthy operational efficiency within the company.


Diversifying the revenue streams and adapting to changing market conditions are key components of Oppein's business strategy. Therefore, in 2023, Oppein multi-channel revenue streams depict a vibrant picture. Despite a slight dip of 0.04% from franchisees, cooperation projects have jumped by 2.61%, and direct sales stores have seen 17.44% growth.



With an emphasis on whole-house customization services, in 2023, Oppein prioritized complete furnishing packages. Thus, through the revenue by categories, you can see kitchens, wardrobes, and fitted furniture sales have declined. In contrast, bathrooms and interior doors have grown by 9.00% and 2.42%, respectively. The coming years will see the emergence of a new era in whole-house customization.


In order to provide a hands-on user experience, Oppein has invested in showrooms and chain stores. With 5,745 franchise owners in over 8,876 franchise showrooms globally, the brand has reached a new level of international recognition. 

Business success depends on innovation. With over 160.85 million USD allocated to cultivating innovation and expertise, led by over 2737 industry experts, Oppein invested heavily in research and development to offer consumers an unparalleled living experience.


In celebrating its 30th year in the industry, the company would like to extend the deepest gratitude to all of the customers and team members who have helped to make this year a landmark in Oppein's history. Looking forward, every member in the company are excited about the opportunities ahead. By working together, Oppein will continue to deliver innovative and effective whole-house customization solutions in 2024.


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