Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

A detailed overview of the history of open shelving and some of the trending open shelve ideas that you can incorporate into your home.


One of the simplest and least expensive methods to modernize your kitchen is to remove some top cabinets and substitute them with open shelves. Open kitchen shelving is an interior design idea that will never go out of style. Whether you're updating your kitchen design or simply enhancing your pantry arrangement, open shelves can quickly add depth and make a space seem more welcoming. You may also adjust the shelves for kitchen organization as needed.

We're into it whether you're budgeting for a full-scale overhaul or just a minor upgrade. These kitchen open shelving ideas can assist you in making the proper decision.

History Around Kitchen Open Shelving 


While open shelves may appear to be unfinished cabinets, they have been used for ages. During the twentieth century, professionals in the field of household organization saw open shelving as a method to save time since it eliminates the need to open any doors. Furthermore, it is ideal for your kitchen if you want to display some of your most prized dishware collections.

In the United States, open kitchen shelves first appeared in the early 1930s. During the Great Depression, open shelves were preferred over covered cupboards in residential kitchens. It wasn't about elegance back then, but about practicality. Tableware is easily accessible thanks to open shelves. Open kitchen shelving will continue to be a popular concept for kitchens of all designs as a stable trend. History has demonstrated that open shelving outperforms covered cabinets.

The Most Popular Kitchen Open Shelving Ideas

Kitchen Wall Open Shelving

Kitchen wall shelving


Kitchen wall shelves both enhance storage and space. Catenary open shelves and horizontal deck open shelving are also excellent options for displaying your antique crockery or china soup bowls. There are also wall-mounted or floating shelves, which are both inexpensive and simple to install.

Make sure that the floating kitchen shelves you purchase are appropriate for your kitchen. If you choose a linear layout, the shelf type will match your home decor. The only issue that homeowners have encountered is dust. If you leave your dinnerware out in the open, it will collect dust just like anything else in your house.

Corner Open Shelving

corner open shelving


It's simple to run an open shelf down a complete wall and terminate it at the end. Consider forming a straight angle and using the corner space instead. You may utilize this area for microwaves and other less appealing kitchen gadgets and appliances because most corners are reasonably concealed from view. You can also choose goods that aren't utilized as frequently to fill up the gaps.

The practicality of a corner-open shelving kitchen is unrivaled. The shelves are less expensive than anything else on the market. They also add extra storage space. You are not required to place dishes or glasses on the shelves. You can set aside this area for exceptional images or artwork.

Modern Kitchen Open Shelving

Modern kitchen open shelving


Metal, wood, and glass may all be used to make modern open shelves. The objective is to find a good combination and balance. They're also less expensive than other open-shelf models.

Remember that open shelves aren't just for country decor. There are several ways to create shelves to match your personal style. Consider brass and gold finishes with more geometric designs for a more modern aesthetic, and choose glass over wooden variations.

This contemporary kitchen shelf technique will invigorate your kitchen and bring a touch of metropolitan flair to your cooking environment if you enjoy casual and formal at the same time.

Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelving 

country kitchen open shelving


Floating shelves in a rustic-style kitchen are frequently fashioned of stained or salvaged wood, which works well in most rooms. These wooden shelves are given a cottage touch with wire hooks that hold each shelf, which is ultimately reinforced by the exposed wooden beam roof above.

A farmhouse open shelving kitchen is popular because of the cottage core theme that is gaining traction in US households. If you want to give your kitchen a country or ranch atmosphere, this shelf type would go perfectly with your country décor.

Convert Open shelving into a Pantry

Open pantry on open floating shelves


If you have a free wall or perhaps a kitchen island or open shaker cabinets in your kitchen but no pantry, this option is great. When open shelving is just somewhat about design and mostly about utility, it works best. This technique will help you keep your pantry more organized, and the openness will let you know just how much of particular dry products you have left.

Above the Sink Open Shelving

Above the sink open shelving


Most classic kitchen layouts have a shorter cabinet over the sink. Remove the cabinet and replace it with a handful of well-placed open shelves to create a more open feeling. This section is perfect for storing dish soaps and other items that don't mind being exposed to dampness from the sink. Setting shelves higher up to hold glasses, cups, and other items you want out in the open might also work to your advantage. Many houseplants will flourish in this environment.


If you want to conserve space or become organized, open shelving is an excellent solution for your kitchen storage difficulties. Whatever idea you decide, your open kitchen shelves will look fantastic. At OPPEIN, we offer cabinetry and shelving solutions, get in touch with us, for amazing deals.

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