New Strategy of 118th Canton Fair – Take You to Experience A Wonderful Tour

– reproduced from OPPEIN WeChat

OPPEIN WeChat has introduced lots of Oppein products in last posts, such as kitchen cabinets, built-ins designs. They were all beautiful and absorbed lots of customers to like them. Many customers sent messages to junior editor (me) about asking for having a view of OPPEIN Showroom. haha, as 118th Canton Fair is coming soon,  junior editor (me) would like to show out what Oppein looks like. Are you also curious about that? Please follow me to take a wonderful tour, go! Oppein 118th Canton Fair website     OPPEIN 360 Degree Online Showroom, It is a pleasant experience.

What is your name?

First of all, full name is very important for you to google it and help you to recognize this Chinese Top Furniture Brand. Her name is OPPEIN HOME GROUP,INC.


Where are you?

Secondly, where Oppein stands is the key point for you to reach it. Her location is OPPEIN Industrial Zone, #366, Guanghua 3rd Road, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China


What you look like?

OPPEIN 360 Degree Online Showroom

Now I will show your pictures of OPPEIN Showroom. Let's into the body of this post. Oppein Showroom stays in the middle of Oppein, next to the fountain, which you can see it at first sight when you enter Oppein group company.


Oppein Showroom is also elegant at night.


Behind the reception, it`s a grand lobby for business talk. When looking up, you will find out a large crystal Oppein above.

On the right side, it`s kitchen area. There`re the newest kitchen cabinets of Oppein. No matter what is your favourite style, modern ot classic, you can ever select out your cup of tea here.



On the hallway, it`s full of Oppein history, you can know more about Oppein via the displays on the wall.


More sweet heart detail is that there`s a big commerical area for customers to relax & talk with our sales representatives. What`s more, door panels are shown on the cabinets, convenient to know the details of our kitchen cabinets.


On the other side, it`s door area. Every year, Oppein makes innovation not only on door style, but also on door lock, giving a good looking door for our customers & keeping our customers safe at home.


Moreover, on 118th Canton Fair (15th.Oct.2015), Oppein will present some doors, samples are below. Welcome to open Oppein doors during 118th Canton Fair.

Beside door area, it`s living room area. In this area, there`re many sets of modern living room. Maybe you would be in a luxurious living room, or cozy warm living room.


All these areas are on the first floor of Oppein Showroom, there`re 3 floors left to be introduced on the next time.

Out of Oppein Showroom. another showroom is standing on the edge of Oppein, it`s Bedding Showroom.


If you are interested in Oppein products, welcome to 118th Canton Fair, and we will arrange specialized sales representatives to give you a nice tour in Oppein Showroom.

Oppein Booth at 118th Canton Fair Information:

Phase 1: (Oct.15 – 19)

Hall 11.2  A15-16,  B09-10 B39-40

Hall 10.2  G01-02

Phase 2: (Oct.23 – 27)

Hall 11.2 H35

More info about Canton Fair, pls via  Oppein 118th Canton Fair website


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!