New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino


First of all, are you curious about the reason why OPPEIN chose Hyderabad to settle a showroom? Based on the advantage of being the sixth biggest city in India, we found out that the one-stop solution is a completely new concept in Hyderabad.

New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino21.jpg

The name of the new showroom, Fascino, which came from Italy, means charming and attractive. Since our partners in Hyderabad thought the products of OPPEIN  are charming and attractive, so the showroom called Fascino.


Let’s have a look at what happened in last Sunday.

New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino22.jpg

Before the opening, our partners held a simple sacrifices worship god to make a good wish to our new showroom.

Then it was a Ribbon-Cutting, so many visitors were waiting behind our partners that everywhere was full of smile when all of our visitors came into the showroom.

New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino24.jpg New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino25.jpg

New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino27.jpg new-opening-hyderabad-india-fascino-33.jpg

new-opening-hyderabad-india-fascino-32.jpg new-opening-hyderabad-india-fascino-34.jpg

Only one day, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., over 400 customers came to visit our showroom.They got more new home designs as well as knew more about our one-stop solution services. Why they knew OPPEIN, because our partners had made sufficient preparation on the opening and advertisement, such as newspaper and TV.

Here is our invitation of the opening in the HINDI MILAP.

New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino28.jpg new-opening-hyderabad-india-fascino-35.jpg

And we received an interview from India News, which will be played in these days. Moreover, a TV advertisement will work with the interview side by side.

new-opening-hyderabad-india-fascino-36.jpg New Opening in Hyderabad India-Fascino29.jpg

new-opening-hyderabad-india-fascino-37.jpg new-opening-hyderabad-india-fascino-38.jpg

Wanna to get these beautiful customized furntiure? Come to visit our showroom. Before you leave, you will get a nice gift from OPPEIN.

Address: plot no. 461, 2nd floor, above Jaguar Showroom, Road no 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!