New Guide For Kitchen Decoration

This article is to updates the global kitchen design trends in latest 2019. For those who plan to make a new or renovate the kitchen, it will be very useful.
Global kitchen trend (1): Not all-white-everything in the Kitchen

New Guide For Kitchen Decoration. White kitchen cabinets seem to be the most classic choice and aren’t going away any time soon.  In 2019 we gradually not choose pure white kitchens. Here comes that the accent colors like blue, grey, green are likely a reaction to the white kitchen trend of recent years

Dark color kitchen garners a myriad of adjectives from classic, welcoming, cozy, luxe, especially when we introduce the use of walnut woods and leather door pulls to give a little different. "Matte black will continue to be a predominant finish for kitchen fixtures, hardware accents. Black feels fresh as a crisp accent color in light-colored kitchens, and black finishes are a way to add some drama without fully darkening your kitchen.


Global kitchen trend (2): Farmhouse kitchen

Modern farmhouse design strikes a subtle balance between contemporary and traditional aesthetic. They offer so many diversifications and options for making that balance of rustic simplicity and modern charm. A farmhouse style kitchen is a cozy, comfortable space, rugged and charming. It has a classic, delicate atmosphere without being overly fussy or unapproachable. A farmhouse style kitchen mainly focuses on cooking and dining spaces, which making where the real downhome feel. Installing new cabinets or repainting them to white or beige color will instantly give your kitchen a bright feeling, non-flashy cabinetry hardware is recommended using evoke the inviting feeling.


Global kitchen trend (3): Open Cabinets

There usually be a drawback in kitchen high cabinets that wall units are often installed too high, making it difficult to reach the top shelf. Meanwhile, corner cabinets in awkward shapes are typically too narrow to store kitchen accessories efficiently. Open kitchen cabinets, give you a wealth of flexible, user-friendly storage options. If versatility and are what you’re after, opt for open kitchen shelves instead of cabinets every time. Open cabinets are ideal for quick and convenient organization. Open cabinets are a budget-friendly option that can be installed in a short time while is also easy to clean.

new-guide-for-kitchen-decoration (1).jpg

Global kitchen trend (4): Bench Seating

One of the popular features of the kitchen is the bench seating. Not only does it make full use of our space, but makes the whole room feel seamless and intentional. With the kitchen being a gathering place in the home, this bench seat in the gourmet kitchen provides guests a place to sit while visiting with the cook. There used to be some island designs with kitchen bar and high chairs, but bench seating bring everyone closer together and connect the ones sitting side by side in a way individual chairs can’t. There will be different types of seating combinations. You can place a bench against the wall if your kitchen table is in a corner and then add a few extra chairs. Make a feature of a window by positioning a bench seat beneath it. A banquette efficiently uses every square foot of the nook while we can seat more than the tiny table.Bench-Seating-Kitchen-Cabinets-OPPEIN.jpg


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