8 Mudroom Ideas that Shine Your Entryway

We have compiled a list of clever mudroom ideas. Keep reading to check out eight mudroom designs and tips from our expert designers.

Mudrooms function as welcome mats as they also serve to keep dirt away from the interior. Your mudroom is the first place guests will see in your house. Therefore, a beautifully furnished mudroom can increase the value of your home and create a positive first impression. Rather than wasting your time on countless poorly designed mudrooms, we have compiled a list of clever mudroom ideas. Keep reading to check out eight mudroom designs and tips from our expert designers.

1. Cabinets Over Cabinets


Mudroom cabinets are essential, especially when you have many shoes to store. With this mudroom design, cabinets are overlapped to provide maximum storage space. The front cabinet is for storing bags and hand sanitizers, while the back cabinet is for keeping shoes. The mirror attached to the front cabinet allows you to check out your outfit before leaving the house.

2. Start from the Entryway


Mudroom decor should never be considered a separate element. It is the start of your house, which requires a cohesive design for the rest of the spaces. For instance, in the picture above, the mudroom cabinet design maintains a consistent style with other cabinets. Further, a floating shelf holds small plants to add a touch of freshness, making the entryway lively.

3. Traditional Finish


Like an antique, this mudroom design features a stunning walnut-grain finish. The raised panels accentuate the vintage beauty. Besides providing storage space, this mudroom is to showcase the owner's sense of style. Considering a vintage mudroom design? Make it happen with some natural wood finishes.

4. Luxury Glass Display


Transparency is critical. Glass cabinets would give the mudroom a different look. The glass cabinets with shelf lighting highlight this spot with a luxurious feel. A modern mud room like this one would perfectly brighten up your home in the very first place. Consider this mudroom idea if you are fond of the deluxe decor style.

5. Convenient Open Shelving


For mudroom storage ideas, besides adding more cubes and features, we can also remove cabinet doors to make open shelves for easy storage. It is a good idea to have open shelving in the mudroom, which allows you to access the storage easily and gives you a clear view of everything. Simply removing doors can make a big difference in your everyday life.

6. Add Folding Stool


Your mudroom always needs a seat for you to change shoes. However, if you are concerned about the limited space, we have got you covered. Adding a folding stool to the mud room cabinet saves space and gives the cabinet a consistent appearance. It is a practical addition to your mudroom design, facilitating your daily use.

7. Make Room for Baby


Being a parent is never easy, especially when it's a baby. Baby stuff is everywhere, and storage is a challenge. Well, never underestimate the storage capacity of your mudroom. It could become a compact storage chamber for all kinds of things. Furthermore, keeping the stroller nearby makes it easy to access whenever you are ready to go.

8. Try Shoes Sanitizer


What is a mudroom? Google will tell you it is where you keep dirty shoes, boots, and coats. If that's the case, you might consider installing a shoe sanitizer. Especially during the pandemic, hygiene is considered more important than usual. It is wise to have a shoe sanitizer in your mudroom to protect your entire family from harmful germs that live underneath the shoes.


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