Melamine— Affordable and Practical

Melamine is also called one-step moulding board.

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Melamine kitchen door materials

Melamine is also called one-step moulding board. The base material is made of particleboard and MDF(medium density fiberboard), and the door finish consists of three layers: melamine resin overlay, décor layer, core layer and the backing layer. Melamine is quite eco-friendly because melamine formaldehyde resin is a kind of very low formaldehyde solution. Firstly, paper with different colours or textures is soaked into melamine resin adhesive, and then it will be dried to a certain degree, and at last, is decorated with particleboard or MDF as a surface through heat pressing. After the procedure of fireproof, abrasion and waterproof, melamine is a tough material that is resistant to heat, moisture and chemicals.

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Small L-Shaped Wood Grain Laminate Kitchen

Wood brings warmth to kitchens in colder regions, while white magnetic brick walls and countertops keep things bright. The L-shaped layout makes efficient use of kitchen, look neat and can be very sociable. It is suitable for small rooms. Separate the cooktop and sink. This arrangement creates a distinction between your kitchen’s cook zone and washing zone, which facilitates efficient use of the space.

What are the advantages of Melamine?

①With bright colour, melamine can be made into all kinds of patterns and used as the veneer of various base wood materials. So there are plenty of colour and pattern choices.

②The surface of melamine is flat and smooth, easy to clean or maintain.

③Because of the uniform structure, melamine is no deformation, hardness, abrasion resistance and dirt resistance, and can resist ordinary acid, alkali, grease and alcohol corrosion.

④It is eco-friendly with low carbon and low formaldehyde.

⑤For no paint in direct use, it is greatly saving time and cost and practical with reasonable price.


Wood Grain Laminate Sliding Wardrobe

OPPEIN sliding wardrobe doors are custom-made to be the perfect fit for your home, providing a storage solution that maximises space in your bedroom.


Laminate Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Supported solely by the wall, wall-mounted bathroom cabinet can be excellent space savers when under sink storage isn’t a necessity.

Tips to choose Melamine:

①To choose good quality of melamine, we should pay attention to the factory name, site, and brand name of the production enterprise because only a complete label can get the quality guarantee.

②When choosing, it can be judged by the smell. The greater the smell, the higher the release of formaldehyde, the more serious the pollution, and the more harmful it is. Good melamine material should be a light smell.

③There should be no apparent defect on the surface. The plate surface should be smooth, without burr grooves and planer marks, no glue penetration phenomenon, surface without yellow, black and other pollution.

④There should be no glue phenomenon. Good melamine fully reflects the strength and adhesive bonding performance of sheet metal quality, higher bonding strength value, the better the performance bond.

Tips to maintain the Melamine:

In order to get rid of formaldehyde, activated carbon can be the first choice. A large number of molecules on activated carbon can produce strong gravity, so as to achieve the impurities in the medium attracted to the aperture of the objective.


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