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Market Visit Report in Perth, Australia in June

17 April 2019


Every year, sales team of OPPEIN foreign department always makes some business trip on a regular basis to visit our local OPPEIN dealer, distributor, wholesaler and builders for solving the problems they are facing at present and provide some necessary support and suggestions, recommending competitive products and service for their programmes .

In November last year, regional sales manager Kevin had already visited OPPEIN dealer which is the EJ kitchen in Perth. On June 10, he came to Perth again; this time, he would stay for 3 days and plan to visit Andre. Andre is one of the most powerful builders and his company is to offer customers a luxury home that is comprised of expertise and quality. Andre showed Kevin around the subdivision near burns beach which will be used for building high-end show home. In the show home, High quality of OPPEIN cabinetry products will be installed for its home decoration.

Market Visit Report in Perth, Australia in June

After visiting Andre, Kevin dropped in on Kenneth who is the managing director of PH Company. P H Company is a developer and custom project builder providing services for investment potential inland development and subdivision, and can offer the flexibility in design and price. Its projects are mainly built in the Canning Vale. This year,they are separately panning to build 6 sets of project houses, 3 sets of project houses and 16 sets of project houses.

Since last year, imported floor tile, bathroom products, floor slabs and aluminum products from China have already been used for their home projects. Right now, they are searching for long-term cabinetry supplier in China. With abundant overseas project experiences, OPPEIN is no doubt to have become PH Company’s strong partner. All of joinery that PH Company purchased from OPPEIN for its 3 sets of house projects has been completely installed this month. Last week, PH Company came to OPPEIN headquarter to discuss the next stage of cooperation related with 6 sets of houses projects.

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