How to make your balcony efficient and full of artistic feeling

Balcony is often neglected in terms of space utilization. We may have a rest in the balcony, we may hang our clothes in the balcony, and we keep things we don’t need in the balcony. It seems like balcony is not the first option when speaking of space utilization.

Well, in fact balcony could be a perfect place when comes to space utilization.

We’re going to show you how to turn an ordinary balcony into a practical and social place. Just keep reading!

A: Balcony full of spring feeling


Green plants symbolize life, vitality and freshness, and they can add nature feeling to the balcony


Making the balcony a perfect place for resting and meditating!

Try to set a table and chair in that area and decorate them a little bit, what comes finally is unbelievable.

balcony-2.jpg balcony-7.jpg

Turing the spare area into an open shelf. With several panels, you can DIY a shelf cabinet like this!

All the cleaning utensils can be kept here, which will make the balcony tidier and more organized. It won’t take up any space inside your home. It’s your smart choice.

“Spare a sunny afternoon in the balcony and indulge yourself in the feeling comes from books and desserts. What a Life! “

B: A Laundry Balcony

Have you ever thought of turning the balcony into a laundry room? It’s another way to use the spare space of your balcony. Laundry is wetter compared to the other rooms, so bring the laundry to the balcony is a smart choice. Because the sunshine can reach, as a result the balcony keeps dry and bright.

balcony-6.jpg balcony-5.jpg

The open shelf and the glass door wall cabinet are perfectly for keeping cleaning utensils.

A washing machine is set under the countertop, which makes the area a real laundry room.

“It does me a lot of favor, turning the balcony into a laundry is my choice. At first I thought that it won’t be suitable thing to do and it can be risky too. But what came out finally really surprised me. I was just like ‘Wow, it really suits me and my small balcony.’”   —–Sarah

C: “We’ve got them combined in our balcony.”

balcony-4.jpg balcony-3.jpg

If the balcony is large enough, what’s your choice to make it become? You might have pictured yours in your mind. Well, it varies because “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. “

Why not try a combination of laundry and recreation area? Like the above picture shows, you can turn one part of the balcony into recreation area and the other part into laundry.


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