Luxury Apartment Project in Greenwich NSW, Australia

Living in the suburbs can be wonderful, especially if you live in this luxury apartment community. Located in Greenwich, NSW, Akoya Apartment redefines luxury living by introducing a sense of freedom and enjoyment. When you walk into the community, you will have a new understanding of happiness. On Sydney's leafy Lower North Shore, Akoya sets new standards for apartment living. With sweeping views over Sydney Harbour, including the harbour bridge, opera house, and city skyline. A tranquil and relaxing place that is perfect for your entire family to reside in.

To enhance its stunning interiors, we have provided premium joinery for the project, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and wardrobes. Indeed, these collections made the developer and the owners of the apartments feel satisfied and appreciated. With a team of professionals handling projects in Australia, our company has completed 225 projects since 2000. Here we will demonstrate how we supported this beautiful project to perfection.


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This successful collaboration was based on a previously pleasant impression. Clients from Akoya used to have Oppein joinery before for other projects, and the manager immediately contacted us for a quote when the Akoya project was settled. "Your joinery has done an excellent job for my previous company before, so when I worked on this project with an amazing joinery design, my first thought was, let's see how Oppein can handle it." Said the project manager.

In truth, we have completed some notable projects locally, including skyscraper fit-outs, hotel interiors, and other commercial or residential projects, for example, Australia 108, the tallest building in Melbourne and the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere. Our previous success has given us a much louder voice in the Australian market, and we have never disappointed our clients with the quality of our products or services.




As a luxury apartment project, Akoya needs unique craftsmanship to make the interior cabinets stand out. And we have met all their demands. The curved door enhanced the high-end feel of the wardrobe by creating a sleek and elegant look. Passing the CETEC UV fading test, with a colour-changing rate of 3-4, our cabinets will remain beautiful for years to come. Decorative stripes were applied to the surfaces of the kitchen islands, providing a unique modern look. For the bathroom, there were wall cabinets with mirrored doors and built-in lighting strips for convenience. We made every detail a reality from the original design. As a manufacturer with well-developed manufacturing systems, complex products are never a problem for us, which is also one of the reasons they chose us.

We believe that our quality products can add unmatched value to the property. This is why we made every effort to ensure that the work was done to the highest standard. In just three days, our factory produced a range of sample cabinets, and after receiving positive feedback from the client, we began manufacturing subsequent batches. Efficiency and quality are always our priorities in cooperative fit-out projects to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.




Are you looking for a reliable construction company to handle your project? As the leading cabinetry and joinery manufacturer in Asia, Oppein will always be the top choice on the list. With 25 years of experience in the Australian market, our dedicated Australian business team will provide you with best-in-class service.

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