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【Love】Story Behind Oppein Cebu Showroom

09 August 2015

The charming couple above is my guests this time. They`re dealers in Cebu Philippine. On Apr.8th, Oppein Cebu Showroon has been opened grandly. Till now, Cebu showroom has run for more than 3 months, everything here has work smoothly and effectively.

【Love】Story Behind Oppein Cebu Showroom

OK, it`s time to back to my theme. Firstly, let me introduce this couple. The pretty lady is namedMs Tet, and the handsome gentleman is named Mr Oliver.

Why they choose to be Oppein dealers? I think all of you are so curious about it. But I`m not intent to reveal the riddle now. Because the story of Ms Tet & Mr Oliver is more interesting.

See the photo below? Are you attracted deeply on these special dresses?

【Love】Story Behind Oppein Cebu Showroom

Actually, Ms Tet is a costume designer. These dresses are designed and made by Ms Tet herself. So excellent! No words can express my feeling. From the photo, the sweet smile on the little girl indicates that her daughter is happy to put on dress made by mother, which is full of love and care.

Due to Ms Tet`s occupation, she must be strict with aesthetic design. And she is fond of custom dress. These 2 factors are the keys for her to be Oppein dealer. As is known, Oppein is stcik to manufacture custom furniture. Moreover, many excellent designers update our products in the trend of furniture market.

【Love】Story Behind Oppein Cebu Showroom

Next to Mr Oliver. On the photo below, we can see Mr Oliver is patient to introduce why Oppein is safe and cozy for clients. Why he is so confident to present Oppein to clients?

【Love】Story Behind Oppein Cebu Showroom

The reason is related to his background. Before being an Oppein dealer, Mr Oliver has run a furniture factory. So he is familiar with technology and specialize in furniture manufacture. Then as a specialist, he trust Oppein quanlity.

【Love】Story Behind Oppein Cebu Showroom

Their stories are more interesting, while Oppein is more reliable. Therefore, Ms Tet & Mr Oliver has build up their strong team to serve clients in Cebu.

【Love】Story Behind Oppein Cebu Showroom

All of them are stars, made up of Oppein milky way.

Resource from: Susan Suen

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