Look back to the Splendid Moment of Canton Fair


Canton Fair was opened at 9:30 am on time in April 15th, statistics by April 26, over 149000 overseas buyers attended it. Furniture export situation has been gradually improved during these years, many overseas clients via Canton Fair to find long term commercial parters or good supplier for project.



The first phase lasted from 15th to 19th, 9 industries attended it. OPPEIN as pioneer and leader of Chinese home furniture and has 20 years ‘ professional experience, always be liked and trusted by customers abroad. Many customers came to booth because they heard OPPEIN’s fame before. And visitors were attracted to spaceship design of OPPEIN booth, with the mind of bringing clients to travel in“ space of kitchen cabinet”.

OPPEIN push out concept of one stop services this time, it will all-round to customized your home, make the unified style for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. There mainly exhibit kitchen cabinets and wooden doors.


The second of Canton Fair began in 23th and ended in 27th. OPPEIN booth number is the same exatly as last year’s. There were many people visit Home Decorations display. OPPEIN clients show their enthusiasm and interest in cabinet samples. Many of them take OPPEIN product catalogue or inquire details of product.



The trip OPPEIN to Canton Fair is finished satisfactorily, we meet clients’ need and hope that our products can make your life more comfortable and convient. As OPPEIN slogan says there is family love, there is Oppein. See you next canton fair.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!