“I, Live Alone. ” — Single Apartment Decoration

Your life can be exquisite even though you live alone for the moment. So how do you define “Exquisite Life”? What should it be like? And how can you make your life exquisite by decorating your apartment?

Simon, a designer of our company. He is very busy during work time in the morning. When he comes back home from work, he needs a peaceful living environment to rest himself. So let’s take a close look at his apartment to find out how Simon creates a relaxing living environment.

Simon’s apartment is a duplex single bedroom apartment. The downstairs is kitchen, living room and reading area, while the upstairs is bedroom and bathroom.

The Downstairs

Living Room


Simon uses high glossy white finish for the cabinet door and wood grain finish for the cabinet carcases. These two colors lift the living room. Besides when the lights are on, the room space is enlarged visually. The carpet, the square cushion, the plants and the pillows add more life atmosphere to this room.


living-room-2.jpgThe kitchen focuses on storage function. Lots of wall cabinets and open cabinets are used. The bar is like a social hub where people can chat or dinner party. All the kitchen wares are in the right place, so the whole kitchen is very tidy and neat. This is also an attitude towards better life.

Reading Area

“Books can always smooth an anxious heart, and rich a person’s mind. Imagine that you finish your work after a long day, and you sit yourself down and starts to read a book that you want to read. It must be very releasing.” Simon says. “To achieve the perfect reading experience, I choose white and beige for the cabinets, so all goes well with the living room.”

The Upstairs

The Bedroom


living-room-6.jpg living-room-7.jpg

“Bedroom and bathroom is on the upstairs. The bedroom is also a place where most of my storage space is. Open cabinets and the desk create another reading area in the bedroom, with some decorations, the small space sparks with vivid life. I use some greenery and pictures to decorate this room on the aisle. “

“The sliding door wardrobe is in built-in style. It won’t take up the extra space of the room, and with some storage bags and stuffs, then you can tidy all your belongings. Besides there are still storage space under the bed. You can put the big stuff in that area. “

The Bathroom


Simon: The bathroom is next to the bedroom, so after bathing, I can pop into my bed and enjoy the sleep. I use the light color for the cabinets to make this room bigger visually. Taking a shower in the shower room and then rest myself in the bathtub, and it would be very releasing. From my point of view, the most important thing for a small and single apartment is to create more storage space and make it larger visually.

“Life is like a long journey, you should make your effort to get to your destination. You may come across different people and lots of things on the road. But there is one thing you should keep in mind that life deserves to be respected.”

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