Latest Wardrobe Design Trend 2022

A detailed look at some of the most popular wardrobe design trends in 2022.

Wardrobe designs are more than just practical aspects of a room; they are an integral part of interior design. Wardrobes take up a lot of space in a bedroom, and when integrated with the decor, they may scream volumes in terms of aesthetics.

Wardrobe designs have also developed from ancient times and are constantly developing in response to changes in people's needs, lifestyles, and desires. Its use has greatly altered the designs of wardrobes. People often equate wardrobes with storage solely, but closets are now designed to serve dual functions - utility and aesthetic. Trending wardrobe designs in 2022 consider not just storage but also the aesthetics of your room.

Taking into account all areas of trend, design, usage, and people's demands, the handpicked fashionable wardrobe designs for 2022 are: 

Glass Wardrobe Designs 

Fitted glass wardrobe


When it comes to wardrobe design, be innovative and choose something that is both basic and stylish. Make use of metal, wood, and glass to produce a work of art that will leave people speechless when they first see it.

As seen in the image above, you may use clear glass for doors linked to a metal frame, and the shelves within can be made entirely of wood. Isn't it imaginative? Allow sufficient space for hanging garments and drawers to create a design that is both elegant and functional.

 Walk-In Wardrobe Design

White Walk-in-closet


Our fantasies are formed of a walk-in closet design, a symbol of wealth and flair. They are enormous, have plenty of extra storage, and are often considered lavish. A walk-in closet is not for everyone since it takes up a lot of room, which is not always available in tiny apartments or houses.

However, if you have room to make this modern wardrobe design, choose something comfortable, clean, and functional. The image above is an excellent example; the entire area employs white walls, fittings, and wooden flooring, offering the room an elegant appearance. Have a variety of drawer types, and don't forget to include shoe storage.

Wardrobe Design with Panelling 

Panel Wardrobe


Choose the new age, ultra-mod, and fashionable paneling design if you want a modern style wardrobe design. You may use this pattern in a variety of colors and panel forms to create an environment that you adore.

You can go for a complete wall in this pattern with wardrobes, as seen in the image above, and choose a color that complements the decor of your room. You might also use a vibrant color to add color to a bland environment.

Open Concept Wardrobe Design 

Open concept wardrobe


To be honest, the open concept contemporary wardrobe design is not intended for those who are messy. This style is ideal if you prefer to be neat and maintain your space clean at all times.

It is visually stunning, but the open storage lets you view everything you possess and assists you in dressing correctly. Moreover, underneath this wardrobe design, people do not hoard but rather buy and, more importantly, keep what they only need.

In-wall Sliding Wardrobes

In-wall sliding wardrobe


Another design suggestion for tiny bedrooms is the full-wall sliding wardrobe. The four-door wardrobe, complete with mirror shelves and drawers, is designed around the main wall beside the bed, with the bed in the center. This design frees up space in the remainder of the bedroom, and you may decorate it with other fixtures and furniture that complement the color and concept of the wardrobe. Because the bed is accentuated by the shelves that work as a frame all around it, this wardrobe design may be a great style statement.

Mirror Doors 

Mirrored wardrobe doors


The incognito wardrobe door with mirror design is ideal for smaller spaces. The incognito design ensures that the outside door or wardrobe panels match the bedroom walls, creating the appearance of spaciousness. This wardrobe design with mirror doors is spectacular, to say the least. Mirrors reflect what is in view of them, making them essential in interior design.

When you employ mirrors as wardrobe doors, you make your room appear larger and airier, as seen in the image above. Choose a style with a wooden frame around the mirrors, or maybe something sleek as above, where a metal frame suffices.

Classic White Wardrobe

White Wardrobe


The color white symbolizes purity and innocence. A white wardrobe design in your bedroom will attract all of that energy and make them resonate in your life.

If you pick white as the color for your cupboards, you may go with any type of modern wardrobe design. You may choose floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, even little ones for the children, or styles with top-to-bottom doors and drawers - you'll be spoiled for choice. And, believe you me you will not go wrong with a white wardrobe.

Neutral Hues

A grey wardrobe design


Neutral colors are excellent for wardrobe design ideas. Colors like white and grey, as well as other neutrals, may emit positive energy and make your bedroom appear more spacious and welcoming. This works well in tiny bedrooms. Neutral colors also blend well with various colors and décor themes, giving your bedroom a sense of class and sophistication.


Follow these suggestions and ideas to keep on top of the current wardrobe trends. Visit Oppeins' online store for an outstanding and beautiful selection of modern wardrobe designs at reasonable costs.

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