Kitchen Island Buying Guide with Stylish Design Ideas

Looking for a new  kitchen island for your kitchen. Check out what kitchen island can do for your kitchen here and get more inspirations before getting one.

A kitchen island is a truly practical and beautiful addition to the space. Before you buy one to enhance your custom kitchen, there are several things you should know, such as how to determine kitchen island sizes and functions. With this kitchen island buying guide, all your confusion will be cleared up. In addition, in order to provide inspiration for your own kitchen island design, some beautiful kitchen island ideas will be shared following this buying guide. Therefore, if you're planning to add a kitchen island to your kitchen, check out this post for some inspiring ideas.

What Size Should You Choose for Your Kitchen Island?

Depending on the kitchen layout, the size of the island would vary. In U-shape and L-shape kitchens, for example, the distance between the kitchen island and fitted cabinets should be between 1000 and 1200mm, which is considered suitable for one or two people to walk through. Galley kitchen layouts allow for more flexibility with kitchen island sizes, as long as the island does not exceed the size of the fitted cabinets.

To ensure enough space to operate, the island should have a width of at least 1000mm. A narrow kitchen island might be difficult to work on, while a wide one makes it hard to reach each corner.

To find out the height of the kitchen island, we need to know the height of the chef. It is crucial to have the worktop at a comfortable height for the cook to finish the cooking process without bending over.

What Functions Should the Island Serve?

  1. A Dining and Relaxing Spot


Adding a kitchen island table is a brilliant option for your kitchen space. Just like the curved kitchen island above, this island serves as both a seating area and a work space. This creative kitchen island design gives you and your family a place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening. This is a very practical solution as it integrates the dining area and kitchen area.

  2. Storage Extension for Kitchen Cabinets


In a kitchen with limited storage capacity, an added island can be a valuable addition for extending storage space. An island can hold many of the items just as fitted cabinets do. As you can utilize the front, back, and sides of the kitchen island, you don't need to worry about the storage being hard to reach.

  3. A Washing and Meal Prep Zone



The kitchen island with sink provides a specific workspace where you can prepare food. Therefore, more space can be left for the fitted cabinets. It is easier to cook efficiently and smoothly when you have a kitchen island like this at your disposal.

  4. For Wine Collection and Display


There is never enough storage space for all the valuable collections of wine lovers. Luckily, kitchen islands can also serve as exclusive wine showcases, with beautiful glass doors and wine cooler accessories.

  5. A Partition Between Kitchen and Living Room


Having an open-concept kitchen has become very popular these days. And the kitchen island counter can also serve as a partition between the kitchen and living room. In this way, you can separate the space of two rooms, while still maintaining the appearance and benefit of an open-plan kitchen.

Kitchen Island Design Inspiration

Generally, the design of the island should match the overall style of the kitchen. Following are some beautiful ideas for kitchen islands in a variety of styles to inspire you.

  a. White kitchen island


When it comes to a minimalist kitchen, white is the way to go. This white kitchen island displays the philosophy of minimalism, keeping with the modern look of the kitchen on the whole.

  b. Gray wood kitchen island


The warm gray in the kitchen creates a welcoming vibe. There is a collection display on the edge of the kitchen island as a way of highlighting the kitchen island. With built-in ambient lighting, this island presents an outstanding entry-luxury feel.

  c. Black kitchen island


Black color is sometimes thought to be too intense for home decor, but it can actually bring stunning contemporary beauty to the room. This island design features rusty patterns that emphasize its unique nature. A small kitchen island can still be the focal point of the space.

  d. Long kitchen island with stools


It's the mix of white color and light wood grain that sets the warm tone of this kitchen island. On this long kitchen island, you can share precious moments with family and friends. Such a cozy spot to add to your kitchen.

  e. Oak kitchen island


The wood finish never goes out of style. This oak finish kitchen island conveys a classic elegance. It features a vintage aesthetic to enhance the space. Further, the open shelving emphasizes the wooden structure, fully showing the valuable craftsmanship of the woodwork. A wonderful addition to the kitchen.

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