Kitchen Design Trends in 2024: Fresh Ideas, Styles, and Concepts You Should Know About

If you are looking for fresh kitchen design ideas for the new year, this is the ultimate guide for you. It explores top kitchen design trends in 2024 based on market research and the latest NKBA report.

Kitchen trends keep evolving as new technology and lifestyle choices emerge. In some instances, such trends also arise from the desire for a fresh look that's out of the norm.

The latest National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) report highlights the kitchen design trends to look out for in 2024. It presents findings from extensive research from professionals in the kitchen design industry such as showroom experts, designers, architects, and contractors.

It is thus an ideal resource for anyone planning a kitchen project. 

Not in the mood to scour through a detailed report? Worry not. Come along as we highlight the kitchen design trends for 2024 from the NKBA report and more.

Table of Contents:
  1. More Personal, Less Generic Kitchen Designs

  2. Minimalism is Gaining Even More Popularity

  3. Easy Maintenance is a Core Need

  4. Indoor-Outdoor Ambiance at Its Best

  5. Sustainability is a Priority

  6. Wellness and Nutrition Elements Are in Demand

  7. Lighting is Taking a More Detailed Approach

  8. Kitchen Dining as a Norm

  9. Luxurious Touches are Evolving into Necessities

  10. High Utility Storage Beats Typical Cabinets and Pantries

  11. Bold Fresh Color Ideas

  12. Integrating Color in Unique Ways

  13. Statement Kitchen Accessories Re-imagined

  14. Using Texture For a 'Wow' Effect

  15. To Sum It Up

More Personal, Less Generic Kitchen Designs


Source: Oppeinhome

It is fairly common for homeowners or decorators to walk into a kitchen showroom and pick a generic design for installation. Their customization requests, if any, may only touch on simple details such as color preferences or dimensional needs. 

Consumer data, however, shows that this is changing. More people are seeking custom kitchen designs based on personal priorities such as:

- Their unique decor preferences

- Home layouts

- Lifestyle decisions like sustainability practices or smart home setups

- Current on later in life accessibility concerns

Minimalism is Gaining Even More Popularity 


Source: Oppeinhome

Minimalist kitchens were, for many years, rather unpopular due to their not-so-welcoming feel. Yet now, as minimalist designs get more innovative, more people are growing fond of them for their practicality, safety, and ambiance.

For example, a minimalist kitchen with retractable appliances can be super convenient in a household with limited space. It also makes organization easier because surfaces have less clutter. 

The cold element of minimalist kitchens is also becoming less of a concern because more designs now include soft touches like warm colors and wood accents. 

Further, minimalism now has an element of freedom where individuals can choose a level that works for them. One can, for instance, choose to have a kitchen where everything is concealable and blends into the background. Another can, in contrast, choose a simpler approach to minimalism with just handleless cabinets.

Easy Maintenance is a Core Need


Source: Oppeinhome

Minimalism may have finally warmed its way into homeowners' hearts, but it is not just for the aesthetics. Most are also embracing it for its easy maintenance. 

The secret here is that minimalist kitchen designs do not have any unnecessary clutter or decorative features. Every item, be it an appliance or cutlery, has its place. Consequently, such a kitchen is much easier to clean and keep organized. 

This trend has also made elements like quartz and granite islands a top choice among homeowners and kitchen designers, as they are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean.

Indoor-Outdoor Ambiance at Its Best


Source: Oppeinhome

Additions like breakfast islands and beverage stations have turned kitchens into more social spaces ideal for gatherings and lounging. 

The social aspect has also birthed the outdoor-indoor kitchen style trend. The trend entails opening or extending kitchens to adjacent outdoor spaces. These open extensions are delightful for hosting, al fresco dining, barbecues, or quiet morning coffee sessions. 

This design trend is also quite flexible. You can decide what kind of outdoor kitchen area you want to create based on your space, budget, or the vibe you want it to exude. 

Plus, even homes without actual outdoor space (like apartments) can creatively achieve this trend. Homeowners can incorporate potted plants or herbs for greenery and create seating spaces along bay windows or window walls for that outdoorsy feel.

Sustainability is a Priority


Source: Oppeinhome

The NKBA report findings show that most people are partial to eco-conscious kitchens. Subsequently, the report forecasts that more kitchens will have provisions such as: 

Energy-efficient appliances with longer lifespans

Built-in recycling and composting stations

Resource-saving solutions like motion sensor lighting and faucets

Many homeowners are equally prioritizing sustainability by choosing cabinetry and other kitchen inputs made using sustainably sourced or recycled materials. 

Others, however, work towards this goal by curbing waste. About 43.5% of the respondents in the NKBA report stated that they donated their cabinetry for reuse during remodeling projects.

Wellness and Nutrition Elements Are in Demand


More households are embracing healthier diets and striving towards better self-care. Subsequently, there is a growing demand for innovative nooks in kitchens that support the needs of these lifestyles. 

Some of the features in high demand, according to the NKBA survey findings, include: 

- Beverage stations for brewing coffee or making smoothies

- Elegant wine fridges and displays

- Workstation sinks with accessories like strainers and colanders

- Built-in chopping boards

Lighting is Taking a More Detailed Approach


Source: Oppeinhome

Adequate natural light and overhead electric lighting often address the general lighting needs of most kitchens.

However, they are often inadequate in lighting areas like workstations under cabinets, cabinet interiors, or pantries. Such general lighting can also be unsuitable for showcasing the ambiance of a kitchen space at night.  

As a result, designers and homeowners now prefer a multi-faceted approach to lighting in kitchens. 

For example, under and in-cabinet lighting triggered by motion sensors is quite popular due to its functional advantage. Decorative and ambient kitchen lighting is even more popular; 80.2% and 84.7% of the designer respondents in the NKBA kitchen trends report stated that each type of lighting would be a priority in their designs.

Kitchen Dining as a Norm


Source: Oppeinhome

Dining spaces in kitchens typically only went as far as breakfast nooks or separate dining tables added to kitchen spaces. However, in 2024 and the future, consumer and market feedback indicates that more people are looking towards kitchen designs with in-built dining areas. 

Larger kitchen islands that can double up as work surfaces for culinary tasks are particular favorites in this trend. According to 43.8% of the NKBA report respondents, it is because islands are not just functional but also add aesthetic value to kitchen decor.

Luxurious Touches are Evolving into Necessities


Remember the days when soft-close kitchen cabinets and marble islands were a preserve of a few high-end kitchens?

Well, that luxury is now becoming a necessity for most homeowners installing or upgrading their kitchens. Their feedback in the report shows that the comfort value of soft-close technology and similarly convenient features outweigh the cost factor.

Designers are extending this idea by recommending sleek, quieter, and efficient appliances as part of high-end kitchen designs. The appliances include quiet garbage disposal solutions, dishwashers, extractors, and refrigerators. The trend is gaining substantial traction for the luxurious experience it presents.

High Utility Storage Beats Typical Cabinets and Pantries


Adequate kitchen cabinets and shelves were initially the markers of a great kitchen. If you were lucky, you would get a pantry to go with them. 

Fast-forward to the present, kitchen customization has changed all that. 

At least 37% of the homeowners in the NKBA study stated that they prefer cabinets with custom partitions and drawer dividers. Over 50% of the respondents interviewed about this trend indicated they would also require walk-in pantries with adequate shelving. 

Suffice it to say, cabinets alone no longer cut it. High-utility storage solutions are now the way to go.

Bold Fresh Color Ideas


Source: Oppeinhome

Colorful kitchens are no longer a headline. The debate lately is more about what the 'it' colors are for kitchens in certain seasons. Of course, this is a highly subjective trend. So, preferences can be quite diverse.

In this latest NKBA survey, green emerges as the color that most respondents (about 31%) would like to have in their kitchen or would recommend in a kitchen design. 

Its popularity is likely due to its bright yet relaxing appeal reminiscent of the outdoors. Plus, there are many shades of green depending on one's tastes. 

In another interesting twist, more respondents indicated that they now prefer wood accent cabinets instead of the more common white kitchen cabinets. The wood accents, in their opinion, exude more warmth and a homey feel.

Integrating Color in Unique Ways


Source: Oppeinhome

How different kitchen designs incorporate color preferences is another part of the color trend worth watching out for.

For example, only 38% of respondents in the report stated that they would introduce color in their kitchens through painted cabinets. In comparison, a much higher 46% and 43% are more inclined to use backsplashes and kitchen islands as anchors for their color themes.

These choice trends stand out from the norm because these surfaces present color differently in kitchens. Yet, it is probably the novelty of these kitchen design ideas that makes them so appealing in the first place.

Statement Kitchen Accessories Re-imagined



Source: Oppeinhome

Stainless steel taps, sinks, and wet area surfaces have been a staple in kitchen decor across the globe. However, that too, it seems, is getting swept over by design trends. 

Gold-finish faucets and sink accessories are now the most popular followed by stainless steel and black finishes. 

The golden hue trend remains ahead of the rest in kitchen lighting accessory designs. You can integrate gold-finishes through elements in: 

- Light pendants

- Chandeliers

- Domes

- The bases of downlights

Where gold finishes may not be available or suitable, copper, brass, and bronze are equally popular substitutes.


Research indicates that this trend will remain popular as more people enjoy its unique look. Moreover, gold (and its substitutes) blends quite easily with most colors. It also works well when you need to create contrast between colors.

Using Texture For a 'Wow' Effect


Source: Oppeinhome

We typically define texture as a quality that one can feel. It is why we describe surfaces as soft, rough, or smooth. However, modern finish technologies have turned texture into a visible aesthetic. 

For example, matte and glossy finishes are opposite textures you can tell apart by looking at a surface. Other finishing techniques like creating ridges or surface brushing create a texture effect that catches the eye too. 

The dynamic effect of these and other finishes makes them ideal for anyone looking to add a dramatic feel to their kitchen decor. They are thus becoming a go-to trend that's almost as important as the color one chooses for their kitchen. 

To be more specific, the NKBA 2024 kitchen trends report shows matte texture finishes as the top choice among more than 60% of its survey participants. Brushed and satin finishes come second and third.

To Sum It Up

A close look at these refreshing trends reveals one common thread; experimenting with creative changes and making risque design choices can yield surprisingly beautiful results. So, whether you are working on a kitchen design for a client or reimagining your kitchen design, let your imagination leap freely.


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