Best Modern Kitchen Design Trend in 2022

A detailed look at some of the most popular kitchen design trends in 2022.



In 2022, kitchen trends have progressed and are more intriguing than ever. Kitchens have quickly evolved from merely practical use of space for cooking to a place to relax with family, supervise the kids' schoolwork, and work from home over the past two years.

As the phrase goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," therefore it's critical to design your kitchen to reflect your own tastes. That said, understanding the newest design trends, may provide abundant insight into how to effectively revamp your kitchen. To make your research work a breeze we have curated a list of the most popular kitchen trends in 2022.

Flexible Lighting



Lighting is becoming increasingly vital as the kitchen evolves into a multipurpose room. Lighting systems, and the ability to change your light to the work at hand, is an essential issues.  This might be anything as easy as being able to lower the lights or something as complicated as app-controlled color light intensity and temperature intensity.

Another important element of a place utilized for a variety of functions is several light sources. These lights, which may be hardwired or plugged in, can be positioned where and how they are needed, providing both illumination and flair. For all fixtures, major kitchen design trends in 2022 favor brass and gold finish, with white light fixtures gaining popularity.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors



In the kitchen, we've transitioned from stark white to warm, natural, and all-around homey sensations! Former white kitchen fans might consider warmer white or taupe cabinetry.

Don't like subtle colors? The black and white kitchen theme is prevalent in 2022 as a kitchen trend - and black and white are traditional! These hues will work for you even if your style evolves.

Wood cabinets. Natural wood cabinets are a superb design choice that adds to the warm and comfortable feeling. Classic is grained walnut or white oak combined with white make fantastic options.

Tiled Treatments



Never underestimate the influence of well-placed tiles. For many years, tiles had a strictly functional purpose: it was an easy-to-clean covering that could protect your walls from splashes and spills. However, this design will be front and center in 2022.

While looking for ideas for my own kitchen, I've discovered that window jam tiling is popular, and I don't think it's a coincidence. It's very gorgeous, simple, and easy to clean—all of which are essential for how I design. With so many shapes, colors, and designs to pick from, homeowners can undoubtedly customize this emerging design trend. However, it is critical to prioritize quality over anything else. Make certain that you are acquiring the ideal product for your particular property. Take your time.

Innovative Texturizing Materials



If you don't want to use color, you may always make a statement using texture. Personally, I favor the use of wood tones (such as light oak) and less hardware in kitchens.

Recently, flat panel doors have been incorporated more frequently (they speak to a more classic sensibility) with new stones such as travertine and quartzite. These advanced changes are often simple—adding a new texture isn't as difficult as it may appear. In a small area, replacing countertops to bring in a texture element and freshness is simple and inexpensive.

Mirrored Copper Backsplash



A mirrored backsplash is nothing new, but for 2022, the reflecting glass is transitioning to a warmer, copper version. It not only serves to bounce light about the kitchen, but it also suddenly doubles the look of the room, making it the ideal option for tiny kitchens.

The Interior Designer utilized handblown silvered glass on the wall cabinets in this home to bring the cityscape inside. Choosing mirrored glass over clear glass offers additional benefits in terms of concealing - no need to maintain contents nice and tidy!

Statement Seating



When it comes to bar stools and chairs, bespoke manufacturers like Oppein point a trend toward more personal kitchen perching.

This might be a single or two-stool perching position, or simply a smaller kitchenette. Those with kitchen-diners are realizing they don't always need huge breakfast station in addition to a table, which is driving the trend. They do, however, demand seats near the kitchen's center. This is where the kitchen perch shines: casual seating for a brisk coffee or email check.

Rounded Edges



For quite some time, roundness in some form or another - squashy forms, arching shapes, or enormous parts - has been making its way into a house near you, a style that has so far dominated fine woodworking, decoration, and accessories. The heart of the house is now getting engaged, with the kitchen's traditional 'hard' surfaces taking on a softer, curvier turn as the design reflects the space's new purpose as a place of peace and socialization.

The difference between a rounded kitchen surface and a standard hard right angle is significant, and it completely alters your kitchen. A curved kitchen island edge begs you to run your hand down it, whereas a 90-degree angle suggests the possibility of colliding with it. There's enough strain in the kitchen without having to worry about bruises the next day.


The kitchen trends for 2022 give me a very conventional, timeless vibe. If you drew something from these 7 trends that spoke to you, then this article was a success!

If you are still in the woods, worry less. Our able team of professionals are here to guide you all the way.

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