Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers In the USA

Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the United States to upgrade your kitchen appearance? This post will shine a light on the best manufacturers to source from.


The kitchen is the center of many people's imaginations, perhaps more than any other area in the house. Cabinets are an important part of a kitchen's ultimate design. Anyone planning to build or modify their kitchen will agree that selecting the right cabinetry is crucial. Today, we will discuss the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the USA to count on.


KraftMaid Logo.png

Location: USA

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: over 40 years

Certification: ISO certification

Kraftmaid has been in the cabinet industry for over 40 years, an indication that they are reputable and focused on quality product delivery. The company is located in the USA. Quality doesn't come by chance; at kraftmaid, they follow all the procedures to make high-quality cabinets.

Products and services offered:

a. Kitchen cabinets

b. Storage & Accessories

c. Hardware

d. Decorative Enhancements

e. Replacement Parts

f. Cabinet Care


OPPEIN logo-1.png

HQ Location: China. 

Showroom: Los Angeles, USA

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: over 28 years

Certification: ISO Certified

OPPEIN Home, a kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China, is well known for producing the best quality products. They ship their cabinets globally at an affordable price and on time,e so distance should not be part of your headache. If you live in Los Angeles, things will be more convenient because OPPEIN has a showroom in Los Angeles, USA. 

With over 28 years of experience, OPPEIN Home is a prominent bespoke cabinet maker in China and in Asia. Wholesale cabinet modification, wardrobe for sale, bathroom vanity, entire house solution, and more are available from OPPEIN. OPPEIN, being one of the leading cabinet manufacturers and suppliers, offers a wide range of cabinets for both homeowners and residential projects.

Products and services offered:

a. Kitchen cabinets

b. Wardrobe

c. Bathroom Vanity

d. Interior Door

e. Whole-house Solution

f. TV cabinets

g. More Furniture

Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc.

Crystal cabinet works inc Logo.png

Location: Central Minnesota, USA.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1948

Certification: ISO certification

Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. has been a family-owned custom cabinet maker in central Minnesota since 1947. They are known for putting outstanding value into every cabinet they make. Our exquisite cabinetry is sold through independent kitchen and bath dealers in the United States and Canada. Their business is around creating incredible cabinets with incredible people while ensuring that everything comes together properly.

Products and services offered:

a. Door Styles

b. Cabinets

c. Woods & Finishes

d. Storage Solutions

e. Construction Details

Mullet Cabinet 

Mullet Cabinet Logo.png

Location: USA.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1975

Certification: ISO certification

Mullet Cabinet is a bespoke cabinetry company located 2.5 miles north of Millersburg, Ohio, in the heart of Amish Furniture Country. They have been handcrafting bespoke cabinetry and offering great customer care since 1975, and they are continuing that tradition today.

Their Custom Cabinet Design Center showcases the most up-to-date styles and colors from the country's leading designers. They offer beautiful and functional cabinets.

Products and services offered:

a. Installation

b. Door Styles

c. Custom Cabinets

d. Wine cabinets

e. Woods & Finishes

Bellmont Cabinet Co.

Bellmont cabinet co. Logo.png

Location: USA.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1988

Certification: ISO certification

Bellmont Cabinet Co., founded in 1988, is America's leading build-to-order, frameless cabinet company. They connect with independent dealers and designers across the country to produce high-quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, and economical cabinets that add style and value to your home as a family-owned and operated company.

Products and services offered:

a. Cabinet Door Styles

b. Storage & Accessories

c. Cabinet installation

d. Decorative Enhancements

e. Cabinet Care


Kitchen cabinets play a significant role in making our kitchen look outstanding. They beautify our kitchens and act as storage at the same time. We have done the legwork for you to get you a list of the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers that you can count on. Sourcing your cabinets from a reliable and certified manufacturer will guarantee durability and high-quality cabinets. At OPPEIN Home, we offer you the best that matches your taste and preferences. Kindly contact us.

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