Best Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers In India

A look at the best cabinet manufacturers in India, their location, year of establishment, certification, and popular products.

best kitchen cabinet manufacturer

Are you seeking the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in India to help you improve the aesthetic of your kitchen? This article will keep you up to date on the most trustworthy manufacturers.

Since some people spend the majority of their time cooking and experimenting with new recipes, any kitchen must be exceptional. It's easy to get confused when looking for the greatest kitchen cabinet. Today, we will talk about the most reliable kitchen cabinet manufacturers in India.



Location: India

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: Over 2 decades

Certification: ISO certified

Tusker is a manufacturing and supplying company dealing with kitchen cabinets. Tusker's products are the result of countless hours of careful research and design by a devoted team of specialists with over two decades of combined experience.

Tusker can now offer world-class SS 304 kitchen cabinets that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion-free, pest and dust-free, and have the greatest life span of any modular furniture. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all five work zones in a kitchen.

Key products and services offered:

  1. Base cabinets

  2. Wall cabinets

  3. Coner cabinets

  4. Tall cabinets

  5. Semi-tall cabinets

  6. Floating cabinets

Evergreen Modular Concept


Location: Bangalore, India

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: Over 10 years

Certification: ISO certified

If you are seeking competent, professional, and economical kitchen cabinet makers in Bangalore, the Evergreen modular concept is the right place. They have a professional team that will work with you to design conventional and contemporary kitchens that are of high quality, have an exquisite appearance, and are well-finished. 

Their new collection of modular kitchen cabinets features clean and contemporary designs using the highest-quality materials, as a professional producer of kitchen cabinets in Bangalore. They have established a solid reputation as a firm that is committed to providing the greatest level of quality and customer service.

Key Products and services offered:

  1. L-shaped kitchen cabinets

  2. G-shaped kitchen cabinets

  3. U-shaped kitchen cabinets 

  4. Straight kitchen cabinets

  5. Parallel kitchen cabinets



Location: India

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: Over 12 years

Certification: ISO certified

Kitchenation is a kitchen cabinet manufacturing firm situated in India, formed by two creative minds. Its goal is to revolutionize the modular kitchen business through ongoing invention and development in order to keep up with the newest technological advances. With over 12 years of experience, Kitchenation has been among the most reliable kitchen cabinet manufacturers globally.

Key products and services offered:

  1. Kitchen cabinets

  2. Base cabinets

  3. Wall cabinets

  4. Wardrobes 



Location: India

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: Over 10 years

Certification: ISO certified

KOXYGEN is a leading and pioneering brand for high-end Stainless Steel Kitchens and related items. They offer termite-free kitchens and other domestic products that are extremely durable and highly personalized and are guaranteed to last a lifetime if properly serviced and maintained. Customers at KOXYGEN take quality, reliability, and commitments for granted. KOXYGEN's headquarters are in Millennium City Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR, around 20 kilometers from IGI Airport.

Key products and services offered:

  1. Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens

  2. Wardrobes

  3. Cupboards

  4. Bathroom cabinets

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer In China


Location: HQ in China; Showroom in Chennai, India

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: Over 28 years

Certification: ISO certified

It's a wonderful idea to spotlight the top kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China after looking over the best kitchen cabinet makers in India. OPPEIN Home, a Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturer, is well-known for its high-quality cabinets. They transport their cabinets all over the world at a fair price and on schedule. OPPEIN has a showroom in Chennai, India, so you won't have to worry about the distance. 

With over 28 years of expertise, OPPEIN Home is a well-known bespoke cabinet builder in China. Wholesale cabinet modification, closets, bathroom vanities, whole-house solutions, and more are available from OPPEIN. OPPEIN, being one of the top cabinet manufacturers and suppliers, offers a wide range of cabinets for both residential and commercial applications.

Products and services offered:

  1. Whole-house Solution

  2. Kitchen cabinets

  3. Wardrobes & Bedroom furniture

  4. Bathroom cabinet & Bathroom funiture

  5. Interior Door

  6. TV cabinets

  7. Wine cabinets


Kitchen cabinets come in different designs. It's upon your taste and preference to pick what blends well with kitchen style and theme. It is also important to source your kitchen cabinets from reputable suppliers that guarantee durability. At OPPEIN Home, we offer different types of kitchen cabinets that meet the market standards. Please, contact us for more information.

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