Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers In China

Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China to spice up your kitchen look? This post will update you on the most reliable manufacturers to source from.

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Any kitchen needs to be outstanding because some spend most of their time cooking or trying new recipes. Source the best quality kitchen cabinet might get you mixed up. Today, we will discuss the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China that you can count on.



Location: China

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: over 28 years

Certification: ISO certified

With over 28 years of experience, OPPEIN Home is a prominent bespoke cabinet maker in China. Wholesale cabinet modification, wardrobe for sale, bathroom vanity, entire house solution, and more are available from OPPEIN. OPPEIN, being one of the leading cabinet manufacturers and suppliers, offers a wide range of cabinets for both homeowners and residential projects.

OPPEIN Home is ISO certified; their products are guaranteed high-quality OPPEIN has always placed the highest priority on client satisfaction. We have a bridle-wise expert after-sales care team that can help you anywhere. Our principles are quick reaction, the proper solution, and effective on-site disposal. Our service team will assist you with your after-sales needs, and we work closely with our global distributor service agents.

Products and services offered:

a. Kitchen cabinets

b. Wardrobe

c. Bathroom Vanity

d. Interior Door

e. Whole-house Solution

f. TV cabinets

g. More Furniture

h. Wine cabinets


oppolia logo

Location: China

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1994

Certification: ISO certified

OPPOLIA is among China's top whole-house-designing brands and Asia's largest cabinetry manufacturer, producing bespoke kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom items, doors & windows, and home furnishings since 1994. OPPOLIA has built a reputation for brand influence, whole-house customization, one-stop solution service, and guaranteed quality over the last 27 years. OPPOLIA has exhibited in 118 countries and regions, with over 10,000 projects. OPPOLIA collaborates with leading Italian designers to develop a range of elegant, affordable high-value products in an original and individualistic style.

Key products and services offered:

a. Kitchen cabinets

b. Wardrobes

c. Dining tables

d. Coffee tables

e. Bathroom items

f. Doors & windows

g. Home furnishings


zbom logo

Location: China.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1998

Certification: -

ZBOM, which was founded in 1998, is a pioneer in the Chinese cabinet business. ZBOM specializes on bespoke building products for the entire house, including research & development, manufacture, and sales. Starting with the "Kitchen for Life" marketing concept and leveraging bespoke design and service as a competitive advantage. ZBOM delivers overall solutions for single rooms in a house, such as the kitchen, to the full house to billions of families. ZBOM assists people in realizing their lovely home fantasies.

Key products and services offered:

a. Modern kitchen Cabinets

b. Bathroom cabinet

c. Classic cabinets

d. Full House Cabinet Solution


sacon logo

Location: China.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1986

Certification: RoHS

Sacon, which was created in 1984, is a key drafter for electric storage water heaters, range hoods, and gas stoves in China's Standardization Administration. Sacon is number one in the Oceania market, number one in the 100-500L category, and number three overall in China's electric storage water heater and water tank export business. For many years, Sacon has been involved in public welfare. The total sum of philanthropic donations was more than 82 million RMB. There are already more than 20 Hope Primary Schools. Sacon has accomplished tremendous things and kindled the flames of dreams. A total of 135 engineers work on problem-solving and design. They'll create products that are better suited to your market. In addition, their thorough quality control system will ensure that your item is of high quality.

Key products and services offered:

a. Electric Storage Water Heater

b. Gas Water Heater

c. Range Hood

d. Gas Hob

e. Integrated Kitchen

f. Dishwasher

g. Microwave Oven


There are numerous kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Picking the best can be engaging at some point and that is the main reason we have done the homework for you. The above-mentioned manufacturers are among the most reliable globally following their certification and level of expertise. At OPPEIN Home, all the modern and traditional cabinet designs are available. Quality is guaranteed and shipping is done on time at a friendly price. We are ready to offer you advice in case you have any inquiries kindly contact us.

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