Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers In Canada

Are you seeking the best canadian kitchen cabinet makers to upgrade your kitchen look? This post will update you on the best manufacturers in Canada to get your kitchen cabinets from.


Kitchen cabinets play a significant role in our homes. The first thing people notice is the cabinet. Ensure your kitchen cabinets are high quality to guarantee durability. How do you ensure your cabinets are of good quality, by sourcing your cabinets from reliable kitchen manufacturers canada. Today, we will let you know about best Canadian kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Let's get started.

List of Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers


  2. Kitchen Craft

  3. Dynamic kitchen Ca

  4. Canadiana Cabinets

  5. Basaltic Kitchens

  6. Cabico

  7. Cuisines Ambiance

  8. Highland Cabinetry

  9. Eurorite

  10. Crystal Cabinet Works



Location: China based; Has showroom in Toronto, Canada

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier, Exporter

Years of experience: over 28 years

Certification: ISO certified

OPPEIN Home, a top kitchen cabinet maker in the world, is known for manufacturing high-quality cabinets. They transport their cabinets worldwide including Canada at a reasonable price and on time, so distance should not be an issue.

OPPEIN Home is ISO certified; their products are guaranteed high-quality OPPEIN has always placed the highest priority on client satisfaction. We have a bridle-wise expert after-sales care team that can help you anywhere.

Our principles are quick reaction, the proper solution, and effective on-site disposal. Our service team will assist you with your after-sales needs, and we work closely with our global distributor service agents.

Products and services offered:


KitchenCraft Logo.png

Location: Canada.

Company classification: Kitchen cabinet Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: over 48 years

Certification: ISO certified

Kitchen Craft has been producing cabinetry in its state-of-the-art plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for over 48 years. As a experienced Canadian kitchen cabinet manufacturer, Kitchen Craft Retail Stores have five attractively outfitted showrooms in three big city centers: Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg. Their Retail Stores not only provide you with the services of an experienced designer but also a specialized service team to ensure that your kitchen meets your expectations and is installed correctly.

Key products and services:

Dynamic Kitchen Ca

Dynamic Kitchens.Ca.png

Location: Canada.

Company classification: Kitchen cabinet Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1975

Certification: ISO certified

Dynamic kitchen Ca is a Canadian kitchen cabinet company dealing with manufacturing and supplying kitchen cabinets in Canada. Since its establishment in 1975, Dynamic kitchen Ca has focused on kitchen cabinets' quality production. They are among the most reliable manufacturers globally because they are ISO certified. They ship cabinets globally at an affordable price.

Key products and services offered:

  • Cabinets

  • Installation

  • Floor solutions

  • Bookcases 

  • Countertops

  • Custom Cabinets

Canadiana Cabinets

Canadiana Cabinets Logo.png

Location: Canada

Company classification: Cabinet Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: over 40 years

Certification: ISO certified

Bill Barker launched Canadiana Cabinets in 1995, and they began creating a diverse array of conventional and custom cabinets in Canada. Bill is noted for his keen and intuitive knowledge of woodworking, gleaned from more than 40 years of expertise, and his excitement for cabinetry construction and meticulous attention to detail. Their high-quality cabinets are the product of combining conventional and cutting-edge building techniques.

Key products and services:

Basaltic Kitchen

Basaltic kitchen Logo.png

Location: Canada.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: Over 16 years

Certification: ISO certified

Basaltic Kitchens was established in 2003 and has become a major and well-known kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Canada Their products also include bathroom cabinets, custom cabinets, and accessories for housebuilders and homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area.

Basaltic Kitchens can manufacture a product with unmatched craftsmanship and visual allure that is sure to become a stand-out feature in your space thanks to a wide range of door styles, finishes, color, and hardware options, as well as their commitment to exceeding our competitors' standard specification level.

Essential products and services offered:

  • Cabinet Doors

  • Hardware

  • Accessories

  • Countertops

  • Custom Cabinets


kitchen cabinet manufacturer in canada

Location: Quebec, Canada 

Company Classification: Manufacturers, Suppliers

Years of Experience: Over 35 years

Certification: ESP certified 

Cabico is one of the best cabinetry makers in North America. Their team of experts collaborates with top dealers and designers across North America to bring high-end projects to reality through their Unique and Essence Series. Cabico is renowned for giving each of its projects a human touch. Their innovative strategy utilizes the most recent technology while keeping the accuracy and agility of artisanal skill in all they do, from operations to the unmatched client experience they offer. 

Key products and services

  • custom cabinetry

  • kitchen cabinets wholesale 

  • bathroom cabinets 

  • kitchen designer

  • wood cabinets

Cuisines Ambiance

kitchen cabinet manufacturer in canada

Location: Canada

Company Classification: Manufacturers, Suppliers

Years of Experience: Over 10 years

Cabinet makers Cuisines Ambiance are experts in selling and installing cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom. High-quality items are guaranteed by the company, which has more than 10 years of industry experience. To meet the requirements of each client, they offer several cabinet models, designs, and colors. Their skilled staff will handle the design, production, finishing touches, and installation. Cuisines and ambiance are easily accessible for the production of all models of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, whether it's a new construction or remodeling project. You may be confident that you will receive exceptional value for your money and finished products that suit your style.

Key products and services

  • kitchen cabinets 

  • bathroom cabinets

  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Highland Cabinetry Inc

kitchen cabinet manufacturer in canada

Location: Arizona 

Company Classification: Manufacturers, Suppliers

Year Founded: 2015

Certification: KCMA certified 

This business was founded to offer suppliers, homeowners, and even builders high-quality, reasonably priced cabinet solutions. Highland Cabinetry is one of the best Canadian manufacturers who will do all in its power to help you. They have experts that will visit the project site, perform a final assessment, and make any necessary adjustments to the initial design. You can be confident that way that everything will go smoothly and fit perfectly! Highland Cabinetry fully takes the duty and transfers it to them.

Key products and services

  • Wholesale cabinetry

  • Building materials

  • Cabinetry delivery 


kitchen cabinet manufacturer in canada

Location: Canada

Company Classification: Manufacturers, Suppliers

Years of Experience: Nearly 40 years 

This is the leading kitchen cabinet supplier in Western Canada and Greater Vancouver. Euro-Rite was founded in 1982. Through its showroom and dealers across Canada, Euro-Rite has been in business for more than 30 years and offers quality cabinetry. Euro-Rite takes pleasure in providing cabinetry with expertly designed interiors. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets that Euro-Rite creates are of excellent quality and design. There are several cabinet door designs offered by the organization to accommodate different tastes and price ranges.

Key products and services

  • Kitchen cabinets 

  • Bathroom Cabinets

  • Cabinet Doors

  • Storage Spaces

  • Closets

  • Cabinet Accessories


Crystal Cabinet Works

kitchen cabinet manufacturer in canada

Location: Canada

Company Classification: Manufacturers, Suppliers

Years of Experience: Over 70 years

Certification: FSC, ESP certified


Tom Hammer founded Crystal Cabinet Works in 1947; it is a family-run cabinet company. Handcrafted custom cabinets are the company's area of expertise. Clients receive finished cabinets that have been assembled and can also be installed. With years of experience creating custom cabinetry by hand, Crystal Cabinet Works can brag about its skilled artisans. Products from Crystal Cabinet are of great quality since they are composed of beautiful metal wood laminate that has been subjected to high pressure. 

Key products and services

  • Wood and finishes

  • Storage solutions

  • Cabinet cleaning 

  • Project planning guide

  • Cabinet care and maintenance



Many interior designs that concern today's kitchens can be solved with modern kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets will give your whole kitchen an outstanding look. There are different designs to pick from. Go for a design that blends well with your kitchen style. Vist OPPEIN Home for a wide range of cabinets, including TV cabinets, or contact us for any advice.

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