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Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

12 April 2019
Organizing your kitchen — which most likely is packed with too much food and cookware — can be quite the challenge.

Organizing your kitchen — which most likely is packed with too much food and cookware — can be quite the challenge. To clear your space and your mind, just follow these pointers on storage and kitchen layout. We’ll help you find a place for everything so you’ll have easy access when you need it most.

 Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Getting Started

The key to cabinet storage is to avoid stacking and to make everything accessible. There are several specialty organizers available for cabinets. Lazy Susans give you easy access to items in corner spaces. Step shelving in cabinets will help you organize canned goods, different-sized dishes and small appliances and their accessories. Wire baskets on slides will make your deep cabinets easily accessible.

Keep in mind while you’re organizing that there are three basic work areas in the kitchen:

1. Preparation area

2. Cook-and-serve area

3. Sink area

 Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Creating Separate Kitchen Areas

Prep Area

To make working more convenient, determine where you want the prep area to be. Place any basic ingredients, mixing equipment, bowls and measuring cups here.

Cook-and-Serve Area

Put pots, pans and cooking utensils near the range so they’ll be handy when you’re cooking.

Store silverware and tableware close by so you don’t have to run all over the place when putting away dishes. Also, keep your plastic ware for leftovers here.

Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen triangle connects the three work areas in your kitchen. The distance between the areas should be no less than 4 feet and no larger than 9 feet. Don’t let the sides of the triangle total more than 26 feet.

 Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Storing Pots and Pans

Pots and pans can take up a lot of your storage space, but they can easily be stored so they are organized and convenient. Hang a decorative wrought-iron rack on a kitchen wall or suspend one from the ceiling.

Store pot lids by adding shallow bins to the back of the cabinet doors. If you have a deep drawer, divide it into compartments.

Cookie sheets and other pans can be stored by adding horizontal dividers.

 Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

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