Kid’s room—-here lives a lovely angel

As one of the most important parts of the whole house design, kid’s room mainly focuses on child’s character, age, hobby and so on.

All kids need a good growing environment

As one of the most important parts of the whole house design, kid’s room mainly focuses on child’s character, age, hobby and so on. The kid’s room needs to have the free space for children. Psychological experts suggest that the best decoration should conform to the growing age of children, and there are different hobbies with different age characteristics. The layout of rooms should also be changed accordingly.

OP16-KID02: Lively and Energetic Bedroom for 10 Years Old Boy

Room Design—The eye-catching colour collocation, which looks lively and energetic, especially fits for the teenage boy. These furnishings, which are convenient to use, appear coherent and style-consistent.

Parents always want to provide a better living environment and condition to their lovely angels so that the kids can free their talent and creativity. we should help the child, therefore, no longer because we think of him as a creature, puny and weak, but because he is endowed with creative energies, which are of their nature so fragile as to need a loving and intelligent defence. To these energies, we want to bring help. (The Absorbent Mind)

OP16-KID01: Natural and Alive Style Bedroom for 5 Years Old Boy

Room Design—According to the architectural layout of this bedroom, the designer locates most of the furnishings attaching the walls.

One of the obvious characteristics of the kids is movement. Movement is of great importance for a child. It is the functional incarnation of the creative energy which brings a man to the perfection of his species. Through movement, he acts upon his external environment and thus carries his own personal mission in the world. (The secret of childhood)

OP16-KID03: Clean and Romantic Bedroom for 5 Years Old Girl

Room Design—Bringing two neutral colours together present a clean and concise feeling.

Here are some suggestions for the decoration of kid’s room.

First, colour & light.

The colour of kid’s rooms should be colourful, lively and fresh, concise and lively, with fairy tale artistic conception, allowing children to learn life freely in their own small world. The best choice for rooms is pure and bright colours as main colours and it is very important to pick up light. OPPEIN has a special idea on the colour tune design which can provide a good environment for kids.

OP16-KID06: Dreamy and Fashionable Bedroom in Pink for Teenage Girl

Room Design—Differing from little girls’ bedrooms, a bedroom for a teenage girl should reflect her maturing tastes and style.

Second, furniture.

The height of the furniture should be suitable for the height of the children and green leaves and flowers should be placed in the room. Some paintings and pendants that meet the interest of the children should be hung on the wall. OPPEIN pay a lot of attention to children’s observation, thinking and game components. In the children’s bedroom ornaments, the selection of some creative and educational multi-functional products are very important…

OP16-KID04: Romantic and Vital Style Bedroom for 10 Years’ Old Girl

Room Design—This bedroom, which is designed for teens, appears romantic and vitality with a collocation of rosy-pink and snowy-white.

Third, eco-friendly.

The decoration of the children’s room should be simplified to reduce the use of the decoration materials as far as possible and avoid the use of ceiling and wallpaper. The floor should not use composite floor while pure solid wood is better. The paint in the children’s room should be eco-friendly, which can avoid the pollution of benzene and volatile organic compounds. Try not to use natural stone, such as marble and granite, which can easily cause indoor radon pollution. In OPPEIN, you can find the safest materials for your kid’s room.

OP16-KID05: Contemporary Bedroom in Blue for 10 Years’ Old Child

Room Design—Colours can play a big part in creating a modern feel like this kids room shows us.


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