Kenya and Ethiopia Market Visit Report from OPPEIN Sales Team


After attending the 2013 BuildExpo Kenya Show, OPPEIN sales team who are in charge of South and East Africa Market had made a special visit in Kenya and Ethiopia from May 7 to 16.

The main purpose for this visit is to provide the local OPPEIN dealers with necessary support and give them some advices and suggestions about expanding market and planning marketing activities according to product feedback information. Besides, sales team visited the local builders, architects and contractors that had already bought OPPEIN products for their engineering projects and would love to place repeat order with OPPEIN. Trade Manager Cathy and salesperson Elaine patiently listened to their feedback and answered their questions about product installation guidance and OPPEIN new materials and styles.



During the period of business trip, the sales team also had a deeply conversation with some potential buyers and visited their construction sites. This business trip make them collect related market or policy information so as to do necessary analyzes, and brings any data support for the sales policy of company.


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