What OPPEIN harvested at the 124th Canton Fair

The 124th Canton Fair has a happy ending last Friday. Canton Fair has served as one of OPPEIN major driving force as the company makes efforts to realize goals.

At the 124th Canton Fair, OPPEIN made it to deal with about a hundred big building projects for cabinets supply.


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As the biggest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia, OPPEIN welcomed over 5000 buyers to check out designs on site at the 124th Canton Fair. The showroom stood by in 24 hours to receive visitors.

124th-Canton-Fair-OPPEIN-2018 (3).jpg

The already projects drawing, buyers’ on site deposit and determination encouraged OPPEIN to be much better in the future.

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At home and abroad OPPEIN is famous for the designs and quality and will never risk its brand.
Every term of Canton Fair, OPPEIN welcomes visitors to check out designs and products quality, to interchange ideas and to get feedback.

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At the Canton Fair, OPPEIN received orders, precious opinions and friendship as well.
As a customized home maker, we should focus on their greatest concerns and immediate and realistic problems, the director of OPPEIN overseas market said.

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OPPEIN not only voices for its own brand but also as the host represent Guangzhou city or even China. An enterprise should employ its value to enable foreign friends to truly feel at home.
That’s why old friends turned up OPPEIN booth again and again. I wonder if you know this old friend?

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Despite of the great progress at the 124th Canton Fair, OPPEIN will also prioritize efforts to strengthen the competence of products and improve the service.


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