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Through the past 23 years, OPPEIN have accomplished more than 10,000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide. We especially provide whole house custom solution for commercial projects, including hotels, service apartments, and resorts. In recent years, our projects also involve schools, medical institutions, senior apartments and other fields.
The cooperation Process

James Apartment Kitchen Project


Product Supplied:

Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets

Technical Support:

Customized Design, 3D Picture, Installation Instruction

James Apartment Kitchen Project

The cabinets our client purchased this time are mainly used in his two houses in Perth and Africa, we made a preliminary evaluation and design plan directly when he visited OPPEIN headquarter. James was very satisfied and paid 10% deposit on the spot, and detailed plan and rendering were sent in a short time. At present, the installation effect was very good, James has finalized another three houses, and it is expected that the drawings will be given to the project in the near future.


White Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

The U-shaped kitchen is probably the most practical of kitchen layouts and can provide an additional run of potential storage or appliance space. The design concept of the ‘golden triangle’ is a natural fit with a U shape: when designing your space, keep your fridge, cooker and sink away from each other.

White Lacquer Bathroom Cabinet

A white bathroom vanity unit looks crisp against the marble bathroom scheme. Silver metal fittings such as faucet paired with marble tile accents set make this a truly sensual space. Rise and shine. The high gloss finish is easy to wipe and keep clean, and it creates a fresh expression in the bathroom. Built to last through years of spills and steamy showers.

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