Unlocking the Secrets of the International Builders Show: What to Expect in 2025

This article is an overview of International Builders Show, including its introduction, benefits and how to attend, etc.

The International Builders Show (IBS) stands at the forefront of innovation in the building industry, shaping the future of home building, remodeling, and residential construction. This premier trade show gathers professionals from all corners of the custom building and housing sector, providing a good opportunity to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and solutions. As the industry evolves, the anticipation for what the 2025 edition of the IBS Builders Show has in store is mounting, promising an even more impressive showcase of the advancements that are driving the builder show forward, including key insights into the kitchen and bath industry show, a critical component of residential design.

In this article, readers will be taken on a journey through what to expect at the upcoming International Builders Show, reflecting on the highlights from previous years and illustrating why everyone involved in the home builders show circuit should not miss this event. From groundbreaking housing trends to innovative remodeling solutions and the latest in custom building practices, the 2025 IBS Builders Show is poised to offer a comprehensive view into the future of the building industry. Additionally, valuable advice on planning your visit will be provided, ensuring attendees can make the most out of their experience. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the trade, this guide will serve as your blueprint for navigating and benefiting from the largest builder show in North America.

Table of Contents:

  1. What to Expect at the International Builders Show

  2. Highlights from Previous Years

  3. Why You Should Attend

  4. Planning Your Visit

  5. Conclusion

  6. FAQs

What to Expect at the International Builders Show


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Overview of the Event

The International Builders Show (IBS) 2025, set to take place from February 25 to 27 in Las Vegas, NV, is America's largest residential construction industry tradeshow. With an exposition size of 45,000 square meters and over 1,800 exhibiting companies, including 250 international exhibitors from 29 countries, the event promises an unparalleled opportunity for professionals in the home building, remodeling, and residential construction sectors. Attendees can expect a vibrant showcase of innovation, functionality, and design, as the Best of IBS Awards recognize outstanding building products and services across nine categories.

Key Themes and Topics for This Year

The 2025 edition of IBS will focus on several key themes, including the latest in home builder trends, innovative remodeling solutions, and custom building practices. Education plays a significant role, with sessions, workshops, and demos designed to provide attendees with strategies to tackle niche-specific challenges and learn the hottest innovative tips from industry experts. The show floor, noted for its remarkable scale, will feature hundreds of new products and services, allowing for direct interaction with leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Notable Speakers and Exhibitors

The IBS 2025 will host tens of thousands of residential construction industry professionals, including 76K+ building pros and representatives from over 25K+ companies. Notable speakers and exhibitors will share their insights on new trends, technology, and products, contributing to an atmosphere of excitement and innovation. Attendees have previously highlighted the value of education at IBS, with sessions directly addressing the challenges faced by businesses in the industry. The event is also an ideal platform for forming vital business partnerships, connecting with peers, and learning from experts passionate about the building industry.

Highlights from Previous Years


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Innovative Products Showcased

The International Builders Show has consistently been a platform for ground-breaking products. In 2024, the Best of IBS Awards recognized outstanding building products across nine categories, highlighting innovation and design. Notably, the Solstice® Shingle by CertainTeed LLC stood out, seamlessly integrating solar technology with traditional roofing, marked by its high photovoltaic electrical conversion and durability. Additionally, finalists in the Most Innovative Building Product category, such as the wedge clip and Everlast siding, showcased advancements in building materials, offering unique solutions within their categories.

Educational Sessions and Workshops

Previous years at IBS have emphasized the importance of education for industry professionals. Attendees had the chance to refine their skills and gain insights through various sessions and workshops. In particular, the scholarship program facilitated access to IBS Education, helping attendees address specific business challenges and learn from targeted classes. This focus on education underscores IBS's role in not only showcasing products but also in developing professional expertise within the building industry.

Networking and Business Opportunities

IBS has been instrumental in providing numerous networking and business opportunities. For international attendees, International Central served as a hub for connecting with peers and exploring global business prospects. Features such as the International Buyer Reception and the Export Interest Directory were particularly beneficial for fostering international collaborations. Additionally, the show floor itself offered chances for attendees to interact with new suppliers and vendors, facilitating partnerships and business growth. The general consensus among attendees highlights the value of these interactions in contributing to the success of their businesses.

Why You Should Attend


For Professionals: Benefits of Attending

The International Builders Show (IBS) offers unmatched education specifically tailored for the residential construction industry, making it an essential experience for professionals. Attendees can expect to leave the show with the latest trends, newest techniques, and actionable business strategies that can be used right away to enhance their operations. The opportunity to see the entire industry's overview and gain tactics that can be implemented right away provides professionals with the confidence and direction needed for growth.

For Exhibitors: Advantages of Showcasing Products

Exhibitors at IBS benefit from the New Product Zone, a curated space dedicated to the latest and most innovative products in the building industry. This zone acts as a magnet for visitors, placing exhibitors' products in the spotlight and positioning their brands as industry leaders in innovation. The chance to make essential connections with journalists, influencers, and potential partners further underscores the advantages of showcasing products at the Builders' Show.

For Visitors: Learning and Discovery Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for learning and exploration for attendees of the International Builders Show. From professional development through education sessions to networking with industry peers and leading experts, the show offers a comprehensive experience. Exposure to new trends and innovative products is guaranteed, with past attendees noting that the show floor was their favorite part due to the remarkable scale and the chance to see new technology and products firsthand. The IBS Scholarship Program enhances this experience by providing a VIP experience that helps attendees participate in more aspects of the Builders' Show, turning what could be an overwhelming experience into a manageable and enjoyable one.

Planning Your Visit


Dates and Venue

The International Builders Show 2025 is scheduled from February 25 to 27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which location is 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109. This prime location in the heart of Las Vegas provides an ideal backdrop for the event, promising attendees an enriching experience both inside and outside the convention center.

Registration and Tickets

To participate in the International Builders Show 2025, attendees must register in advance. Registration opens on September 1, with various deadlines for early, regular, and onsite registration. Early registration runs from October 1 to January 5, offering discounted rates. Options available include the Expo+Education Pass, granting access to over 100 education sessions, and the Expo Pass, for entry to the exhibit floors. Spouse registrations are also available, ensuring that partners enjoy the same access as the primary registrant.

Accommodation and Travel Tips

Securing accommodation early is crucial for a convenient and budget-friendly visit. Official Show Hotels provide a range of options with competitive rates, and booking through the NAHB International Builders' Show Registration and Housing Office ensures access to exclusive shuttle bus service and customer support for any changes or cancellations. Complimentary shuttle service is available between Official Show Hotels and the Las Vegas Convention Center, excluding properties within walking distance. For those exploring beyond the shuttle routes, Las Vegas offers additional transportation options including the Monorail and the innovative LVCC Loop, alongside traditional taxis and rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Attendees from outside the United States should check visa requirements well in advance, applying for a visa or ESTA approval as needed, and ensuring all documentation is prepared for the visa interview.


Throughout the exploration of the International Builders Show (IBS) 2025, we've navigated the vast terrain of innovation, education, and networking that defines this monumental event in the building industry. The anticipation for witnessing firsthand the emerging trends, engaging in enriching educational sessions, and seizing the opportunity for invaluable networking underscores the show's pivotal position as a catalyst for growth and development within the residential construction sector. By highlighting the key elements that make IBS a must-attend event, from groundbreaking product showcases to strategic business growth opportunities, we've laid out a comprehensive guide for maximizing attendance.

As the building industry continues to evolve, the significance of staying ahead with the latest advancements cannot be overstated. The International Builders Show 2025 emerges not only as a platform for unveiling the future of home building and remodeling but also as a beacon for industry professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and forge meaningful connections. In reflection, the insights garnered from this event are set to propel attendees forward, equipped with new strategies, innovations, and partnerships. With these considerations in mind, the journey to IBS 2025 promises to be as enriching and transformative as the innovations set to be displayed on its global stage.


Who Can Participate in the International Builders Show?

The International Builders Show (IBS) is open for attendance worldwide, no need to become a member of NAHB.

Where Will the 2025 International Builders Show Be Held?

The 2025 edition of the International Builders Show (IBS) is scheduled to take place from February 25 to 27 in Las Vegas. This event provides a space for sharing knowledge, experience, and expertise, thereby enhancing your status as a thought leader in the industry.

What About the Location and Dates for the 2024 International Builders Show?

Las Vegas will continue to play host to the NAHB International Builders' Show® (IBS) in 2024. This premier event is set for February 27 to February 29, 2024, and serves as a vital annual gathering for the residential construction industry, offering opportunities for connection, education, and improvement.

What Is the Attendance Like at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas?

The IBS in Las Vegas has seen attendance numbers exceeding 76,000. This includes a diverse group of builders, remodelers, developers, and other professionals within the home building sector. The event is recognized as the largest annual light construction show globally, making it a significant occasion for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the industry at large.


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