20 Inspiring Small Kitchen Ideas

A close look of 20 inspiring small kitchen ideas by OPPEIN. Click on and choose a great design for you small kitchen.

In a small apartment or house, the kitchen area could be awkward. Certainly, the kitchen is necessary. However, if you don't have much space or don't want to spend a lot on the kitchen, there are fewer options on the market for you to choose from. Fortunately, we've got you covered! Here, we have collected 20 of the best small kitchen design ideas from OPPEIN - the world's top kitchen cabinet maker. With tons of design styles, you will definitely find the perfect small kitchen idea for your own. Prepare to be amazed!

1. U-shaped Compact Kitchen



The U-shaped tiny kitchen, finished in gray stone, presents a distinctive modern look. Moreover, the U-shaped layout is considered to be the most efficient layout for any size of kitchen. In other words, you can wash, prep, cook, and eat all at one place, just by turning around.

2. Industrial Small Kitchen



Saving space is one of the main benefits of a single-wall kitchen. Dark stone texture and wood grain blend harmoniously to create an industrial style kitchen. For those who enjoy trendy modern decor styles, this is an irresistible choice.

3. White Mini Kitchen



When choosing a color scheme for a small kitchen, you should be careful. A narrow space may result in a dark and depressing atmosphere if you use dull or deep colors. Thus, white color is a great choice for kitchens, as it creates a bright, clean environment. Furthermore, by painting it white, the mini-kitchen will appear larger visually.

4. One-wall Kitchen



This little kitchen serves as a partition in the house, saving space and looking trendy, literally "one wall kitchen". As an open kitchen, it is located right next to the living room. This makes it a great place to serve drinks to catering guests, similar to a mini bar.

5. Tiny Kitchenette Design



The kitchenette refers to a small cooking area, which is usually equipped with an oven and refrigerator. This is a popular kitchen idea for motels, hotels, small apartments, and college dormitories. Kitchen cabinets occupy only a small space on the floor, as you can see. This kitchen cabinets extend to the vertical space to create as much storage space as possible.

6. Creative Built-in Kitchen



If possible, creating a built-in kitchen would be a much better choice for small kitchen designs. You could make the small kitchen floor plan when planning the house instead of having the kitchen in a separate room. There will be more room for other furniture if the cabinets are incorporated into the wall.

7. L-shaped Small Kitchen



With oak grains and pure white, this L-shaped kitchen brings a natural and fresh tone to the cooking area. This simple kitchen design provides an effective solution for apartment dwellers. L-shaped layout maximizes the use of the corner, creating a flexible cooking area. Are you planning a small kitchen? Try this simple, sleek collection.

8. Tiny Kitchen with Natural Color



Natural woodgrain is a real hit. Wood grain adds a soft and warm feel to the space, making the small kitchen a warm and inviting place. Clearly, the kitchen is a place that brings joy and love into the home. Furthermore, the extension table offers a delightful place to share a meal with someone you love. This is a nice kitchen for your sweetest home, isn't it?

9. Small Peninsula Kitchen



As an upgrade to a U-shaped kitchen, a peninsula kitchen offers all the benefits of a U-shaped kitchen. There is also more storage space as well as a large countertop with an extra cabinet. It is also possible to turn around in this small kitchen to finish the entire cooking process, which is a real time saver.

10. Shaker Style Single-wall Kitchen



Looking for the best small kitchen designs? Try the most classic one - shaker cabinets. Because classic beauty lasts forever, you won't have to worry about the kitchen going out of style. This single-wall kitchen is clear and compact in appearance, perfectly suited to houses of any size.

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11. White Galley Kitchen



Building with two parallel walls, this galley kitchen uses the narrow space efficiently. This is an ideal option if you do not have a separate kitchen room. With white painting and adequate lighting, the thoroughfare would no longer be a narrow and dim place. Really a brilliant choice for a wide passageway.

12. Small Space Kitchen with Island



Why can't a small kitchen have an auxiliary island? We are presenting an example of a small L-shaped kitchen, using coner space and adding an island for compact kitchens. A white kitchen with a blue island feels like a lake surrounded by a circle of mist. This is one of the most beautiful and functional small kitchens you'll find.

13. Customized Little Kitchen



As you can see, this small kitchen layout is not typical. Both cabinets and cupboards are installed alongside the wall. Getting a custom-made kitchen might be the better choice if your room is irregular. Based on your home's actual layout, OPPEIN can create a unique and space-saving kitchen for you.

14. Small Corner Kitchen Idea



Don't want to use a separate room for the kitchen? Let's explore the corner space then. There is a small corner kitchen built along the wall, right next to a window that provides ample natural light. Additionally, the curved corner cabinet avoids potential safety problems, both beautiful and practical.

15. Emerald Small Kitchen Design



The color green represents freshness and vitality. Having an emerald green kitchen allows you to embrace the breathtaking elegance. The stylish small kitchen design has built-in cupboards, ovens and refrigerators, which makes it easier to save space on the floor.

16. Pinky Cute Kitchen



Getting tired of dark and neutral colors? Consider this lovely pinkish cute kitchen instead. A one-wall layout makes cooking easy. A combination of pink and white gives the kitchen a romantic and delightful ambiance. Despite its size, a small kitchen can still be attractive and creative in terms of colors, so never restrict your imagination.

17. Modern Kitchen Island



The recessed area shown in the above picture is too narrow to fit a kitchen. However, by adding a kitchen island, the problem is solved. It is more like a large kitchen that is divided into two sections. The island for small kitchen ideas can be very useful for some special floor plans. Remember, the kitchen island should not be viewed as an exclusive option for large kitchens, but can be used in small kitchens as well.

18. Navy Blue Compact Kitchen



The L-shaped small kitchens can fit perfectly in the dining room. The navy blue paint and matte surface give this kitchen a contemporary feel. The integrated cooktop with oven saves quite a bit of space. By maximizing vertical space, you will not have to worry about storage.

19. Black & White Simple Small Kitchen



Among all the colors, black and white are the simplest and prudest, and will create a timeless aesthetic look. Here is one small kitchen cabinet with everything you'll need and everything you'll need. In this kitchen, black and white are like piano keys, and cooking is like playing a melody. All that implies life is beautiful and you should enjoy it with a nice kitchen.

20. Compact Cooking & Dining Combo



Instead of worrying about the narrow kitchen, why not combine two rooms? As an example, here is the kitchen and dining room combined. It provides us with a lot more space. Moreover, by combining these two areas, you can now enjoy some quality time with your family while cooking.

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