Shaker Style Kitchen Ideas 2023

A brief overview of the trending shaker-style kitchen cabinet ideas for 2023.



Shaker kitchen designs are popular because of its clean lines, timeless aesthetic, and attractive functional design. The eternal beauty of Shaker kitchens originates from the fact that their designs were formed out of necessity and a desire for efficiency and practicality over whims and trends. They are instantly identifiable by their wooden cabinets, recessed paneled doors, and modest aesthetic.

Whether you choose a modern or more classic kitchen in your house, Shaker cabinets may provide a high-style aesthetic while still being robust and long-lasting.

Prepare to add flair to your classic or modern house by learning about Shaker kitchen cabinet designs.

1. Appreciate Classic Shaker Kitchen Cabinets



Pale white cabinetry with traditional fielded doors enhances the charm of the kitchen's original characteristics, leading attention immediately to thecaptivating countertop  and  original hardwood floor. The essence of the area is produced through natural and architectural components rather than flashy cabinets.

2. Install Open Shelving.



In a contemporary kitchen, plain clutter-free surfaces and rows of drawers appear sleek and tidy, but they may also appear lifeless. Adding individuality to your kitchen design by including open shelves where you may showcase favorite objects like a well-stocked wine rack.

To create interest, consider using contrasting colors and materials for shelves or the back surface of an open unit.

3. Combine Shaker Base Cabinets and Rustic Shelving



Shaker-inspired furniture is well-known for its simple, functional forms.  This transitional kitchen has brilliant wooden and grey shaker-style base cabinets coupled with rustic, wall-mounted shelving. The combination is both fashionably understated and quite useful. What's the best part? Shelves are often less expensive to purchase and install than higher cabinets.

4. Choose Unpainted Shaker Cabinetry



Traditional Shaker kitchen designs would have welcomed the natural patina of the wood; just to see the grain was an essential component of their gorgeous furniture.

Unpainted kitchen cabinet concepts have fallen out of popularity in recent years, but when utilized properly, they can provide warmth and individuality to a space that might otherwise appear cold and clinical. Keep natural timber pieces to a minimum, and if you do have more than one, make sure there is variation between shades and textures to avoid the area feeling homogenized.

5. Show Off Your Best Accessories.



For many individuals, the ideal tiny kitchen, as seen in this example, seem light and uncluttered. The wood-tone Shaker-style base cabinets contrast with the brilliant white walls in this backsplash area. While the kitchen has traditional characteristics such as ancient decor and shaker cabinets, the area seems wonderfully contemporary due to the clean color palette and minimum cabinets. We believe that every kitchen should have at least one really stylish element. The polished copper sink fittings are seen here.

6. Keep It White



We adore light-filled kitchens. Our hearts, however, go to pristine, white kitchens when it comes to long-lasting elegance. In comparison to a fashionable redesign, it's a winning notion that will endure the test of time. For example, these Shaker-inspired cabinets are a timeless classic.

7. Mix Different Hues on Cabinetry



Although the Shaker design is recognized and adored for its simplicity, it doesn't imply you can't be daring with your kitchen color selections. If anything, its simple design serves as an ideal backdrop for combining your favorite colors.

Not every kitchen lends itself to the same use of color, so considering color placement in relation to floor area, lighting, and the impression you want to achieve is the key to a genuinely dramatic design.

Darker color blocks are a terrific approach to bring depth and refinement to the area. Using lighter-colored wall cabinets while the base units are darker helps preserve the luxury effect.

8. Maintain Simplicity - Handleless Shaker Kitchen



Choose fuss-free kitchen color choices for your Shaker kitchen themes, keeping everything as near to the color of the cabinets as possible. Light fixtures, window coverings, furniture, and tiles in complementary colors will tie the aesthetic together.

9. Factor in an Island



A standalone unit in a contrasting color will make a statement if you need storage space, particularly for small kitchen plans. You could even paint an existing simple unit and add classic cup handles to instantly give it a Shaker look.

Remember that the original Shaker lifestyle was one of pragmatism and austerity; everything needed to be functional. And in a typical historical kitchen, everything had a spot.

10. Curved Cabinets Soften the Edges.



Consider curved edges on a kitchen peninsula or island if you have or intend to have children. Rounded corners on curved modules and rounded edges on worktops will provide a more relaxed look and are fantastic for avoiding mishaps.

Those who enjoy entertaining may think about installing an induction hob on their peninsula or island so they can always face their visitors and include them in the cooking process. Keep the stove and sink in separate areas to help define the social area and keep any unclean prep dishes or glasses out of sight.


Whether you want modern and minimal kitchen layout ideas or something more relaxed and family-friendly, you'll find plenty of outstanding shaker kitchen design inspiration here. For a bespoke shaker cabinet order for your next home renovation, contact Oppein.

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