7 Incredible Bedroom Color Schemes and Combination Ideas

A brief overview of some of the incredible bedroom color ideas to implement in your room.


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We can all admit that getting out of bed early isn't always appealing, but establishing an invigorating and mood-boosting bedroom may make it a lot simpler.

Allow us to inspire you with these vibrant bedroom themes. There are colorful patterns, and calm tones, and tranquil tints, as well as dazzling blasts of block color. These color trends may be showing a passion for color, following a new trend, or boosting calming whites and neutrals with a fresh tint.

Despite whatever theme you are going for, I can bet, we have a bedroom color scheme that will inspire you.

A White Monochrome Scheme


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As this all-white contemporary bedroom demonstrates, sometimes no color is just as stunning as a lot of colors. The paucity of color makes such a stance; it's so clearly one hue that it seems strong and far from dull.

Its seasonless mood works all year long, from bright spring days to cozy winter evenings, and it can be accessorized with any bedroom color scheme, making it a true design chameleon. Add harmonious yet unusual elements (that mood lighting is great!) for a peaceful and deliberate design.

Light Grey With Warm Tones


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Grey bedroom color schemes are a popular choice since we frequently like to maintain the same color palette running throughout our houses, and grey is still in style. Grey is a versatile color that provides a calm and tranquil touch to a space, whilst warm tones may add a sense of coziness and warmth.

To bring warmth to this lovely bedroom, light grey was blended with some earthy tones. The gold pendant lamp, warm blue, and grey carpet, and grey bedside tables provide texture and a complementary tone to the grey.

We particularly like how the oakwood wood paneling is overlaid on an earthier mushroom tone that contrasts with the grey linen.

A Blend of Pink and Neutral Tones


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If you want a cheerful and feminine bedroom, this color scheme is something to think about. Pink and cool-toned neutrals work beautifully together to produce a serene bedroom that's ideal for unwinding at the end of the day. 

This combination will not only make your space feel bigger and your ceilings higher, but it will also highlight any natural light that comes in. To add individuality to the area, use furniture with different tones and accessorize with varied metals.

If this bedroom demonstrates anything, it's that you don't have to give up using pink as a bedroom hue once you reach maturity. This bohemian bedroom is full of stunning abstract and geometric lines and is a grown-up concept without a gaudy or sickly-sweet tone in sight.

Be Bold With Dark Colors


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The ideal option for individuals looking for something a little different. Grey and red are a dynamic and striking combination that will give you the edge you've been looking for. 

This bedroom, located in a mostly monochrome home, demonstrates that black walls don't have to be intimidating. Gold accents stand out well against the grey and brighten the space, offering a more feminine touch. Keep the ceilings and window frames white and bright to avoid making your area look much smaller than it is. Without hesitation, include eye-catching accessories and daring designs.

Embrace the Red Trend


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Red is having a bit of a return right now, after appearing to have vanished from the designing world, it's making a reappearance in a more subdued and earthy style. While it may appear daring to cover all of your bedroom walls in such a daring color, the correct red may create a cozy, cocooning area that does not overwhelm you.

If you want an all-over hue, we recommend sticking to terracotta, toastier tones that aren't too solid and main. You might even try out the trendy plaster look to give depth and make the red less harsh.

Embrace Shades of Brown


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Browns, like all those beige tones, which are quickly becoming a go-to hue for our most lived-in areas, such as lounge rooms and bedrooms. It's all tied to the desire for rooms to seem softer, more natural, and more comfortable, but there's another trend that might have impacted the resurgence of this once-disregarded color: the revival of 1970s interiors.

This basic yet gorgeous bedroom embodies understated elegance. A neutral color palette accented with warm-toned browns is as traditional as it gets. To duplicate this gorgeous environment, balance the delicate textures with the solidity of the wood, and the light with the dark.

Tone Down Yellow


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Yellow is an invigorating hue that brightens any size or facet of a room. It may be used on all four walls of a bedroom, but for a more subtle effect, choose a highlight wall or incorporate those cheerful yellow colors with a headboard. The soft, mellow yellow complements the neutral colors so nicely in this area - a bright color choice but nevertheless seems gentle and tranquil.

Final Word

Choosing the ideal bedroom paint colors may quickly rejuvenate your sleeping environment while not costing you a fortune.  For more inquiries on bedroom color ideas, get in touch with our Oppein team.

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