OPPEIN Dealer Annual Meeting Has Successfully Completed on 19th Feb.2019


On the meeting, OPPEIN dealers from all over the world gathered together and listened to the statements that every Department Manager made.

After the statements, large numbers of dealers put forward their questions and discussed with OPPEIN Department Managers for 2017 cooperation matters.


Besides, those dealers who made great progress and achievement concluded their experience and share their valuable information with other dealers.


The OPPEIN 2017 Dealer Annual Meeting has attracted a lot of media from China and all over the world. What’s more, wonderful performances are one of the highlights of this event.




This feast of the day reminds me of the annual meeting of the Foreign Trade Sector of OPPEIN. On that day, many foreign trade dealers participated in and had fun with our staff.


At last year, all of our dealers were very diligent to develop new market in local, so they created great profit for OPPEIN.

And in this evening, in order to encourage them to keep moving, our managers and directors gave awards to those dealers who made excellent achievement.


On 18th Feb.2017, though differ from language and culture, our dealers are excited to play games with us. What’s more, they understand the rule of the game and have good results finally.


After the show and games, OPPEIN staff had a nice dinner with our dealers. By eating and chatting, we communicate with each other and feel the enthusiasm and caress of the dealership between us.


Although the participants of the two annual meetings are different, as the Foreign Trade Director, Mr.Wang said “ OPPEIN will make a greater progress and achievement in 2017, cause WE ARE FAMILIY,WE DO BEST.



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