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How to Organize Your Closet – 2021 Best Sorting Idea

22 October 2021
Does the endless wardrobe organization upset you? Is it really that hard to earn a tidy wardrobe? Of course not! Check out this article and learn magic solution to get rid of the messy closet!
"Is there never enough space to keep all my clothes in the closet?" "How come the wardrobe gets messed up immediately just after organizing?" We heard a lot of complaints like these from different families. So, is it really that hard to keep the closet tidy and clean? Of course not! The magic solution will be provided in this article, which can help you to get rid of the messy closet. Here we go.

The closet is usually designed according to the actual space of your bedroom. According to the layout, a closet can be divided into 3 main types: U Shape, L Shape, and Galley (As pics below). Therefore, choosing a proper layout can greatly improve the user experience every day, which also influences the storage capacity and organization strategy.

(U-shape Closet)

(L-shape Closet)

(Galley Closet)

But no matter which kind your closet is, to make it tidy and neat, the magic solution is "systematic sorting". That means not only simply sorting clothes, but using various functional accessories as well. Now, let's divide your wardrobe storage into 4 partitions and share some useful fittings that can help you to organize.

1. Stacking Area: Where your underclothes and bags set

This area is basically used for storing underwear, handbags, and purses. To keep things organized, here are several accessories you may need.

Underwear Drawer & Jewelry Box: Different from the ordinary drawer, the underwear drawer features clear divisions to hold specific items, like neckties, bras, and socks. A jewelry box can help sort your watches, necklace, bracelets, and rings. Moreover, choosing an exquisite one can also highlight your luxury.

Wire Pull-out Basket: Wire design offers better ventilation to protect your clothes from mold. Also, by working with a sterilizer, your clothes can easily get further cleansing in this hollow storage.

2. Hanging Area: Keep your coat and dress wrinkle-free

Hanging is the best solution to avoid clothes from wrinkling. Thus, we choose plenty of functional accessories in the hanging area, making it greatly convenient for storing and picking out clothes.

Pull-down Rail: Closet rail prevents your clothes from wrinkling and creasing. And this pull-down rail is a savior to make tall cabinet storage much convenient, pulling down to hang the dress, shirt, coat, and robe.

Trousers Rack: To avoid pants and clothes messing up, we suggest using a trousers rack to hang all the pants. Also, you can choose a rack with removable rods to make an easy adjustment, more rods for more pants.

Spinning Clothes Rack: A revolving hanging system provides a smart solution for corner storage. You may see this rack widely used in clothing stores, but actually, it is also perfect for your home.

3. Large Item Area: Hold seasonal or barely use items

Usually, the top of a wardrobe is hard to reach, thus, this area shall be only for an extra quilt, pillow, cushion, or seasonal items that you would not frequently use. What you need to remember is do not keep too many heavy items in this area. Otherwise, it might be a potential danger for families.

4. Other Item Area: Storage space for extra items

Besides clothes and pants, there are always more items that are related to the closet. Therefore we should make room for those sundries to keep the overall storage organized. Let’s check out the following functional fittings that can greatly improve your experience of closet use.

Worn Clothes Basket: This fitting is specially designed for clothes you have only worn once and you may still need it for tomorrow. A perfect spot can store worn but not dirty clothes, instead of directly keeping those in the closet.

Rotating Shoe Rack: To match your beautiful collection of shoes, this rotating shoe rack can be a perfect choice. It makes full use of the space for storage with a Z-shape design. And you can easily spin the rack to choose your shoes.

All in all, to keep your closet tidy and organized, the secret is systematic sorting with functional fittings. Find suitable accessories based on your closet layout, and renovate the organization system. It is time to get rid of the messy situation.

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