How to create a cozy and relaxing bedroom

Keep it simple to create a bedroom that reflects your personality and comforts you. Find inspiration for textiles and displays from this snug and personal bedroom.

To make sleep and relaxation the focus of your bedroom, start with the bed. Layer up quilts, sheets and cushions in colours you find relaxing, whether that’s calming neutral shades or cozy darker tones. Keep bedlinen simple, then dress the area around it with artwork, soft textures and low lighting. Small storage is handy for keeping the essentials close by and your sleep area feeling clutter-free.

Take control of the view from your bed and create something you’ll enjoy looking at when you first wake up and while you settle down for sleep. Position shelves on the opposite wall and curate a display of objects that conjure memories, relax or inspire you. It’s the most flexible way to display – whenever you want a new view, just switch things around or add new objects.

‘Comfort is creating a space where you don’t have to worry about other things,’ says Jura, who lives in this converted warehouse with partner Konstancja. ‘Just design stuff that works for you and is simple to maintain. We’ve learned that some things are so simple and they don’t need to be the same as everyone else’s – and we find comfort in that.’

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